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From: Peter Mansbridge [mailto:peter.mansbridge@cbc.ca]
Sent: April-06-15 1:12 PM
To: Bruce Anderson
Cc: Vince Borg; Anderson Rick; Robert Lewis; Butts Gerry; Harry Near; Mr. Robinson Mike; Norquay Geoff; Mr. Fox Bill; Allan Gregg; Boag Keith; Orr Tim; Don Martin; Leeder Cyril; Armour Jim; Powers Tim; Harper Tim; Sangster Michael; Little Jim; Chuck Strahl; Evan Solomon; Savage Sonya; Solberg Monte; Graves Frank L.; Mark Bonneau; HANNAH THIBEDEAU; Hill Jay; ian@mapleleafstrategies.com; Innes Jan; Rajotte James; Hall Chris; Anderson Tyler; Zed Gary; Coyne Andrew; David Herle; Alboim Elly; P. Chethan Lakshman; Alayne Crawford; Andrew Casey; Martin Lawrence; Ivison John; Russo ROBERT; DevinsNetwork; Metcalfe Herb; Mathieson Dan; Tom Clark; Jacques Leger; Weston Greg; Kevin Newman; Bourque Michael; Williams Huw; Blake Johnston; Greg Kane; Jeremy Broadhurst; Hall Findlay Martha; William Dempster; James C. Anderson; Will Leroy; Phil von Finckenstein; Anderson Doug; Shay Purdy; Karl Belanger; Gerald Butts; Bob Rae; <lisa.raitt.p9@parl.gc.ca>; <Cyrus.Reporter@parl.gc.ca>; Rempel Michelle; VICKI HEYMAN; Robert Fife; Sean Webster; Lauren Skelly; Finn Sean; Jane Kennedy
Subject: Re: Masters Pool 2015 – Official start to spring

Sadly, given the CBC’s new conflict rules, I will not be able to take part in a contest that offers free prizes from an advertising firm.
But I will gladly continue to support the JA fund.


On Mon, Apr 6, 2015 at 12:50 PM, Bruce Anderson <banderson@anderson-insight.com<mailto:banderson@anderson-insight.com>> wrote:

Many of you know the drill for this spring tradition – others I’ve included for first time in case it is something you would enjoy.

Please pick 10 golfers that you feel will score the best in the Masters this year.  Your best 5 scores will count.

You can add one golfer after Friday’s round as long as it is before Saturday’s round begins.  You do not have to drop a golfer to add one.

First prize this year will be a new Ping G30 Driver, one of the top rated new technologies out this year. The prize will be provided by i2 Advertising.

There is no entry fee this year.  If inclined, small (e.g $20) donations are always welcome to the Jaimie Anderson Parliamentary Internship, but not required. These can be made with a credit card online at https://www.cfo-fco.c


You can find the players list here.



  1. My congratulations…you’ve managed to include three of the most insufferable things in the world – golf, office pools and Mansbridge – in a single story.

  2. The mark of a true journalist is that you don’t schmooze with the people you’re attempting to be objective about.

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