Will the last to leave the CBC please turn off Shelagh Rogers?!

CBC’s so-called “personalities” are droppin’ faster than flies on Italian slacks at a Mexican wedding reception.

Who’s next, Max Ferguson? How many starving artists need to be fed on the taxpayer’s dime before Mr. Harper puts a stop to our national nightmare?

If the CBC wants to stay a crown corporation then they should start actin’ like one, and have our news read by laid-off mail carriers lookin’ to keep their bellies at the public trough. (I think that’s how Knowlton Nash got his start. And if it wasn’t then I don’t understand this country anymore.)

Not these la-di-da rent boys what think they’re bigger stars than the stars they’re starfuckin’.

I never liked Evan Solomon, and at last I have a good reason why that I don’t need to be afraid to say in polite company.

So that’s one good thing to come of it. Now we wait for the next shoe, or maybe the shoe store, to drop.

Sook-Yin Lee’s already done a porno, so I’m hopin’ somebody has the goods on Stuart Mclean. Can’t be kosher, him running that Vinyl Cafe business on the side.

Which reminds me of the Senate.

Despite Mr. Harper’s valiant efforts at reform it looks like Canada will be takin’ it to her grave. (Or until the NDP wins, so same difference.)

Everybody in their right mind wants to get rid of it, like they do with Quebec, but it’s like we’re locked in tighter than a Rogers contract.

I know Mike Duffy looks for all the world like a tippin’ point, but don’t kid yourself.

Sure, Mulcair talks the abolition talk, but can he walk the constitutional wranglin’ walk?

I have my doubts. To open up the constitution again, well, it’s like a spellbook horny kids find in a cabin in the woods.

You leave that be.

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  1. Max Ferguson. There was a decent human being with a large audience following who did not turn into a self- admiring public embarrassment

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