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Women Editors are Fleeing the Globe and Mail

Sources say the paper has a serious management and morale problem, and that many of the women who have quit have born the brunt of the paper’s top-down style. A common complaint is of micro-management. [David] Walmsley, [Gabe] Gonda or “Sinc” [Sinclair Stewart] will dictate the angle of a story, and female editors will be tasked to produce copy to match.
Here’s a list of editors who have exited the Globe in the last ten days:
Kathryn Hayward, Life editor, quit for a part-time position at Today’s Parent Magazine.
Christina Vardanis, Assistant Focus editor, quit.
Sarah Lilleyman, Globe Toronto editor, quit to become an Associate Editor at the Winnipeg Free Press.
Maggie Wrobel, Style editor, on voluntary leave.
–Jesse Brown, Canadaland, July 2, 2015.

As the Globe burns

As predicted in the satirical press last week, lack of leadership and sagging morale has prompted a stampede for the exits at the national piffle sheet, including Sarah Lilleyman, Toronto editor, who went to the Winnipeg Free Press.
Gabe Gonda, readers will recall, is the sleek Features editor who has managed, by dint of stupidity, to alienate much of his staff. Christina Vardanis, Focus assistant editor, quit last week. Kathryn Hayward, was so depressed working for Gonad that she took a pay cut to work at a part-time gig with Today’s Parent.
–Frank, June 30, 2015.


  1. Those stories on Canadaland write themselves. Or actually, Frank does.

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