Amanda Overboard!

So farewell then, Amanda Lang.

As predicted by the satirical press, the CBC has decided to ditch its problematic Chief Business Personality.

Lang has been in a death struggle with Corpse news boss Jennifer McGuire since January, when Lang took to the Globe and Mail to deny allegations that she was too cozy with her chums in the banking biz and that accepting paid speaking gigs from the likes of the Royal Bank in no way compromised her journalistic integrity (wat dat?!—ed.)

Pissed that she went public without Corpse approval, McGuire began lobbying CBC eminences Heather Conway and Hubie Lacroix to punish Lang for intentionally embarrassing the Corpse while it was still staggering from the Ghomeshi scandale.

But her union and Lang devotee Peter Mansbingo rushed to her defence and she escaped with only a slap on the wrist: One day’s suspension (with pay!)

But McGuire banished Lang from The National, limiting her to a handful of brief business reports.
Meanwhile, Lang’s nightly biz show, The Lang Exchange, has been a disaster. Ratings have gone south since Kevin O’Leary exited last year and the show’s brain trust has flailed about in search of fresh ideas.

The writing was on the wall at last month’s CBC Upfront, the 2015-16 season preview gala. Dozens of other CBC personalities were in attendance, even Michael Wekerle’s Genitals of Dragon’s Den. Lang, however, was mysteriously absent.

Asked directly if she was returning, a Corpse exec: “We haven’t had the conversation yet!”

Now they have.




  1. No tears being shed in this corner. I didn’t care for her when she was on BNN’s Squeeze Play years ago with Kevin O’Leary. And without him on her CBC show, she was almost toast anyway, since it was Kevin who provided most of the entertainment.

    A friend of mine saw her about a year ago in his store, but she was without her make-up and had her whiny son in tow. Not a pretty sight, from what I was told, especially since she was also in a cranky mood.

  2. I wonder what Kevin O’Leary looks like without his make up. They should’ve put clown make up on him when he was doing the show.

  3. Lovely twitter by R. Hoadley
    “Amanda Lang will be replaced on-air at CBC by an RBC bank machine that spits $20s at other hosts in exchange for favourable coverage.”

    • “Thank you for being here, Arbie. You were amazing in Chicken Run. How is Gromit?

  4. Ah..so are the mighty, or at least the trendy, fallen. Will she join other exCBCers at the shoeshine stand in the Royal York?

  5. I pray that my prayers will be answered. If we could only get rid of Petey (Mansbingo)too for starters……

  6. As Bloomberg LP prepares to launch a Canadian business TV network on Nov. 16. Industry speculation has been that Ms. Lang may join the network, which announced Tuesday that Pamela Ritchie a former host with BNN, will anchor The Daily Brief. Ms. Lang would not comment on the rumour.

    …Her new-this-season CBC News Network program “The Exchange with Amanda Lang” (i.e. without Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary) was projected to attract an average audience of about 60,000 this fall, according to network sales figures.

    Ms. Lang’s final day at CBC will be this Friday.

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