Battleground Nepean: The Andy Wang Thang


The hits just keep on coming for the Little ShitsTM at Conservative Party HQ in Ottawa.The Ches Crosbie fiasco in Newfoundland was barely down to a dull roar when along came fresh allegations of voter tampering, this time in last week’s Tory nomination race in the new riding of Nepean.In the event, Andy Wang knocked off longtime conservative old boy, Bob Plamondon.

Wang is a former Pierre Poilievre fart catcher who now runs the Daido Academy, a Barrhaven outfit that teaches Chinese martial arts and dance.

Plamondon claims Wang recruited the Barrhaven Chinese population to overwhelm the support he had among inbred (deep-rooted, shurely?!—ed.) Tories in the riding.

Now comes news that an alleged Wang supporter is circulating a “confession” in which he admits to being involved in a “number of things to ensure” that voter information was done in error “so they could not vote.”

The unsigned, undated missive in Mandarin and English, was sent to various Hill news outlets Monday.

“We cheated to ensure Andy’s victory and this is terribly wrong. I hope that a review can be done so that justice can come about and the election will be fairly done again,” he/she/’bot wrote.

Tory HQ has denied there was anything hanky spanky about Wang’s election, and if the robocall party says it never happened, well, that’s good enough for Frank.



  1. And the Harperites wonder why Trudeau steps in to control the occasional local nomination–to stop assholes from buying nominations stupid.

  2. This looked plausible up to the “ancestors” “family honor” and “shame” bit which is how someone seeking to appear Chinese might write and just seems a bit off here. Also curious to see if this was written in English and then translated to Chinese or vice versa looks like it was written in English first then translated using software. Anyway, it will certainly feed the fire of the many just looking for support for their anti-Chinese sentiments.

  3. It will be interesting to see how the vote in this new riding (mine) goes. The Liberal candidate has business experience, the Conservative doesn’t and the NDP have yet to pick a candidate.

  4. I am surprised to see Mandarin has characters for “Nepean Electoral Riding Association”. Or do they just combine the characters for “suburban wasteland” with those for “nest of vipers”.

  5. Cue Stompin Tom!!!! and another damn wang, and another damn wang…

    You no let round eye vote…!

  6. Heavy sigh. All we need is another Reform Wang in the House of Commons. God help us!! Please!!

  7. 騎馬的Nepean協會
    Crude Google translation of “Nepean Riding Association”

    尼皮恩選舉協會 Nepean Election Association
    尼皮恩选举协会 Nepean Election Association (Mainland Simplified form, fewer strokes than Traditional Characters above)

    ní pí ēn xuǎnjǔ xiéhuì
    Google translate, as with Microsoft Translate, now relies on “brute force” translations by comparing phrases in bilingual documents. (They started using Canadian (English-French, Francais-Anglais) documents for what that is worth.)

    Don’t expect comprehensive translations.

    Ne Pe An starts at 22nd character 尼 of the second sentence. Those 3 characters show “1,540,000 results” in Google.

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