Senator Colin Kenny Caught in AshMad Cyber Sleaze

Frank welcomes BuzzFeed Canada to the Senator Colin Kenny key party, already in progress.

The social news website breathlessly revealed today that the glabrous horn dog’s name turned up in this week’s Ashley Madison data dump.

“The leak shows someone in Ottawa named “Colin Kenny” spent hundreds of dollars on the site over three years,” wrote BuzzFeed Canada senior Ottawa typist Paul McLeod. “This person’s address was listed as “parliament buildings the senate of Canada,” along with a postal code that corresponds to the Senate.

“Other payments to the same account list an office on Wellington Street in Ottawa. Senate offices are not listed publicly but BuzzFeed Canada has confirmed the address matches the office of longtime Senator Colin Kenny.

“The account is tied to 14 payments between 2008 and 2010 totaling $3,180, but several of those listings appear to be duplicates. The actual total appears to be about $1,300.”

Well, stop the fucking presses!

As Frank subscribers will attest, the senator’s adventures in AshMad cyber-sleaze have been a subject of hilarity in the satirical press since 2006!

Kenny was a pioneer in the adultery game and one of the most avid users in the Ottawa area, operating as OK BY ME and assuring the ladies of AshMad, “If you have thought it, I have done it.”

“OK’s” online profile specified he was looking for a paramour who was “proud of her body—dressed or naked… has a real need to feel the Caribbean breeze in her hair more than once a winter… A woman who likes to press the edges of her erotic envelope… and her partner’s as well.”

According to his racy correspondence, some of which was forwarded to Frank, he went by the name “Colin.” His photos, mercifully fully clothed and available to select correspondents on Ashley Madison, confirmed that it was indeed Senator K., all 5’6” of him.

After Frank’s first exposé of his erotic online adventures, OK BY ME disappeared from Ashley Madison, but almost instantly, a new but eerily familiar lothario appeared on the scene, styling himself “TRY IT OVER”.

His profile pitch was a carbon copy of OK BY ME’s, right down to the Caribbean breezes and erotic envelopes.

One more time for posterity, excerpts from Colin’s correspondence with a 27-year-old student, turning on the charm and playing up his swinger credentials as he tried to sell her on a gerontophilic fling with a geezer over twice her age:

* If you ARE “a hottie” and you want to really see what some of the things you have listed are like then I think you should be more concerned about what the person is like rather than a specific number. Give it a thought and let me know. 
xo C

*Most women don’t hit their stride sexually till they are in their late thirties and that is partially due to the fact that their partners are still reading “Sex For Dummies.”

I have a dozen pix up and will be happy to send them if I think you are serious and haven’t just written me off as an “old fart” or worse.

* Do you get undressed with the lights off in the closet? Do you want to wear a blanket on the beach? Have you never tried a 3some and have you and your b/f never played with another couple?

Interest, sexual or otherwise, in another person is something that begins between the ears. If your mind or imagination is not turned on, the best hung guy won’t do it.

No one has good sex until the other person has turned their crank mentally or emotionally. You may fuck but you haven’t had good sex. And it’s not my job to make you interested in me. . . and, frankly if the only thing that attracts you are my pix then I am not really interested in you.

If physical attraction was the driving force why are you spending so much time telling me you are a “hottie” and why is your only pic out of focus?

How come you don’t have a backstage like lots of other women that show off their body in different sexy poses?

Never posed nude? Doubt it.

I just want you to treat me with the same respect that you would like me to–(that’s enough senatorial sleaze!–ed.)

Of course, none of this bothers the skeevy senator. He leads a charmed life, having already beaten pesky sexual harassment complaints by staffers. He’s also managed, so far, to duck any further RCMP investigation into his lavish expense claims.

If these latest AshMad revelations come back to bite him on the ass, well, bring it on. They don’t call him “Colonel Kink” for nothing.





  1. I remember reading about this guy in the early ’90s when he was part/whole owner of a tanning salon on Elgin St. and was paying his female employees with his sexual favors. Gag me with a spoon!

  2. And to think that this barf bag is on the cash-for-life Senate gravy train. The more that he can be can exposed (pun intended), the better.

  3. “Press the edges of her erotic envelope…and her partners as well”??? Does she work in a laundromat?

  4. No the erotica envelope is in reference to the Harper Machine

    dropping home mail delivery

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