Postmedia to shut down dailies in Ottawa, Calgary and Edmonton

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Postmedia, which lost $263.4-million last year, will fold the Ottawa Sun and the Ottawa Citizen into one paper in March. Likewise in Calgary and Edmonton. The Herald and the Sun will become one paper; The Journal will merge with the Edmonton Sun.

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  1. Why did financial genius Paulo Godfrey buy the Sun chain in the first place? I guess no competition works better but it was an expensive way to get to it.

    • In Vancouver, PostMedia already has both the daily Province, and the Vancouver Sun (a broadsheet). So no need for creating a new “monopoly.” But where will the Toronto Sun chain powered 24 hours daily free-tabloids go? (The Star’s Metro free tab chain competes with the 24 hour chain, excepting with worse writers, like Emma Teitel.)

  2. No kidding. I meant before the Province is folded into the Sun and the Sun into the National (or Toronto) Post (or vice versa).

  3. Uh, why should anybody care if these rags fold into each other or better still into oblivion.

  4. Oblivion might be the better option. The problem is that Postmedia is holding down markets that could be better served by something new, and now they’re eliminating existing competition, too. It’s like the old myth about the wolverine, that it pisses on anything it can’t eat. This chain is occupying space in the public discourse and filling it with a lot of shit. Godfrey is about as dedicated to public service and quality journalism as Harper is. I’d give odds that there will be a lot of layoffs if this proves to be the plan.

  5. Now how in hell am I going to tell the birds that their cages will be lined with toilet paper from now on.

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