Ghomeshi and Teddy: You know what they say about big ears…

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  1. All those man-hating, lesbian feminists and their fellow-travellers are gnashing their teeth and foaming at their mouths over Ghomeshi’s not guilty verdict. According to them, that judge and Ghomeshi’s lawyer had no business questioning the complainants’ credibility. Imagine – how dare they challenge the witnesses! Fortunately for Ghomeshi and the rest of us, we have a real justice system, unlike what they have in North Korea or Cuba.

  2. Ghomeshi is clearly not guilty beyond reasonable doubt, but I have a lot of trouble accepting that this means he is innocent. In some ways it is sad that the system doesn’t compel all parties to take the stand – I wonder how one-sided the outcome would have been and how consistent Ghomeshi’s story would have been if he spoke? Let’s see how round two goes…

  3. Does it really matter? I mean, the stories coming out at the “trial”? It happened. It happened to the 3 at the “trial” and many more who weren’t at the “trial”. I agree with Buckwheat. Let’s see how round two goes…

  4. Buckwheat, so let’s force the accused to testify against himself! What is the prosecution’s job then! What makes you so certain Ghomeshi did anything criminal with these three women? The rumour mill and “believe the women?”

  5. Whatever happened to that video Jian showed CBC brass, the one that made an exec throw up & resulted in his dismissal?

  6. Bubbagreat, but what was the “it” that you think happened? From the evidence it wasn’t sexual assault, so what then?

  7. The Scottish third verdict of “Not Proven” (qv) would have been good in this case.

  8. Thank-you Patrick and John (btw – keep up the good work John).

    And, of course, there’s the nagging statistic: when four different women are willing to come forward to launch formal complaints, one cannot help but wonder just what the hell is up. The statistic itself becomes evidence of a sort. And I don’t remember this being addressed in the proceedings.

    Poor Mr Teddy bears (ouch) such a heavy burden. And lest we forget, Dick Little is 103.

  9. Ladyfox, the “it” is choking, slapping, and punching. Consensual co-mingling doesn’t include these actions. Doesn’t matter how you slice it. That’s “it”!

  10. Three of the four that came forward clearly weren’t expecting their lies and omissions to come back to haunt them in the trial, otherwise they probably wouldn’t have.

  11. This guy.
    He is just…

    Who could ever get past the video that surfaced two years ago online of a 1996 Ghomeshi riffing at a piano backstage after a Moxy Fruvous concert with an impromtu ditty-diss about his fans in a fake British accent.

    “… you make sick, you are so thick, I’d love to beat you all with a big stick, this is my schtick…”
    He forgot the ‘I am a dick’ line.

    Watch this video ladies (keep the eye-bleach spritzer handy for an occular debrief) and just imagine that greasy load on top of you.

  12. The only question is, was there consent? Prior and subsequent behaviour is irrelevant.

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