Rob Ford (1969-2016): Forever in Our Bobble Hearts

Dim thy lights, O Steak Queen. RoFo is no mo’.

One of the satirical greats has left us far too soon – and rather less hilariously than we had dared hope. Frank‘s thoughts and prayers are with Ford Nation, The Toronto Star and the Dixon City Bloods at this difficult, uniquely awkward time.

While supplies last, treasure the phantasmagorical memory of Toronto’s two-fisted 64th chief magistrate with your very own tiny, never-said-he-was-perfect Rob Ford Bobble Belly.
Each limited edition Frankland Mint keepsake is meticulously crafted at the No. 6 Gewgaw Factory in Shenzen, China (they work like dogs) and comes complete with lovingly scale-modeled bottle and pipe of office.

His Wee Worship can be yours, forever partying like it’s 2013, for only $29.95 (+ HST and shipping). Get your handful of injection-molded history today at: or call (613) 762-4541.

Proceeds to CAMH.


  1. That’s a helluva deal Bate!
    Already for sale on eBay for $129.99!

    “Rob Ford Toronto Mayor Bobblehead (Bobble Belly) Inebriated Doll that was distributed by Frank Magazine.
    A few small scuff marks on it. Apparently he is supposed to be holding a crack pipe in his empty hand but when I bought it, it was not included in the purchase. Selling As-Is since it is missing the pipe.
    He leans a little to the left as shown in the photos, not sure if it is on purpose or not.”

    ” …it was not included in the purchase.”
    Ummm, okay. These gewgaws will only increase in value!
    I would never part with my treasured RoFoBB dolls.
    One is missing the pipe (misplaced in a drunken stupor) but that just adds to its charm as I imagine the pipe did in fact go missing quite a bit.

    Get ’em while they’re HOT!


    • And perhaps doing better than Rob Ford’s own bobble-heads, as noted by Robyn Doolittle in Friday’s Globe?
      …” In November, 2013,… Rob Ford released a limited edition line of “Robbie Bobbie” bobbleheads, available for $20 apiece.
      Shortly before the dolls went on sale, members of the city hall press gallery were given an opportunity to buy one in advance. When Mr. Ford’s assistant came around to collect the cash, I sheepishly reached into my wallet and handed over a crisp bill.
      I couldn’t help it. He may have tried to ruin me, but I wanted a memento.
      When the staffer delivered the bobblehead, she had a surprise: “He signed it to you.”
      “Robyn – Mayor Rob Ford.” “

  2. Our “Frank Ford” appeared to be missing the pipe when it was unpacked, but it was discovered stuck in the styrofoam packaging. His Stuporness is now proudly watching over the family computer alongside The Puffster.

    One flaw (or maybe not…) – the doll is top heavy. We had to glue it to a heavy base to make it stand upright. The Puffster is better proportioned (a bit on the slim side, even) and doesn’t need this.

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