More Ghomeshiballs at Canadaland

When it comes to ludicrous conspiracy theories, Ezra Levant’s got nothing on the gang at Canadaland.

Take, for example, March 30 revelations from Jesse Brown’s tinfoil time machine, a stop-the-presses stunner about Justice William Horkins, judge in the Jian Ghomeshi trial:

“Justice Horkins’ son works at the same law firm as Marie Henein’s brother!

“Despite numerous profiles of Justice Horkins and Marie Henein in the build-up to the trial, this connection was never mentioned. To our knowledge, it was not disclosed to the public before the proceedings began.”

Poor Jesse. Despite all the support and guidance he gave to the women who appeared at the Ghomeshi trial, Jurassic Justice Horkins (in thrall to his son, Cassels Brock associate Chris Horkin, and Peter Henein, a partner at the firm), dismissed their testimony, leaving Jesse’s crusade to take down Ghomeshi circling the bowl.

But wait! He’s still got one more aggrieved sister-in-arms who could nail the Persian perv’.

While the first trial centred on Ghomeshi’s ever-enticing personal dating life, the next trial in June will focus on a complaint made when Ghomeshi was hosting “Q” in 2008.

The complainant, whose name is protected by a publication ban, worked at the CBC when the assault allegedly occurred.

By remarkable coincidence, the mystery woman is a longtime friend of Jesse’s, who appeared on Canadaland early in 2014.

In the exchange between the two old chums, Brown describes Ms. X’s tenure at CBC, from 2007 to 2010:

Jesse: “You were a bizarre, rabid unicorn at the CBC. You were so strange in that environment. You played by your own rules in a way that would have got so many people fired instantly. Like ‘she’s incredibly inappropriate and foul-mouthed and sexual, culturally out of step, yet she’s like our most productive worker, who books the most stuff and gets the most ‘gets’ and writes the best copy. How can we get rid of her? And she’s well liked but there’s a liability issue, what lawsuit is going to originate from this?’ You made people very, very nervous.”

(According to Ms. X, it was during this period that Ghomeshi assaulted her, coming up behind her for a little unsolicited frottage and then put his hands around her butt. At a previous Q story meeting, he allegedly told Ms. X that he wanted to“hate fuck” her.)

Ms. X: “I was definitely without guile during those years. I wasn’t planning to be this ‘crucial member’ of the CBC community…[I was] making terrible fist-fucking jokes in the middle of a story meeting. This is my cred. They can’t fire me becuz who else is going to say this shit?! I was making it up as I went along. I just wanted to be recognized—I guess because I’m an ego maniac!”

Doubtless, Ms. X will get an opportunity to elaborate more fully on her ribald adventures at the CBC when Ms. Heinen conducts her cross-examination at the June trial.

In the interests of transparency, Frank trusts Canadaland’s high-horseman-in-chief will preface his balls-out coverage of the big rematch with full disclosure of his personal connection with the bizarre, rabid unicorn in question.


  1. Looks like trial #2 is going to end with the same result. The Persian Perv’s PR rehabilitation should be in full swing by the fall. I’ll bet Reality TV is in his future.

  2. Moral: Never, never grasp the crucial member of a rabid unicorn, even if she makes fist-fucking jokes.

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