Panama Papers: That List of Canadians in Full!


  1. There were a lot of Merchants in that list. Tony Merchants and likely some family members. I wonder where that money came from?

    • Evatt Francis Anthony “Tony” Merchant uses many names in this Panamanian registry.
      Officers & Master Clients (6) in the Canadian Page of the “Panama Papers”
      Anthony Merchant, Evatt F. A. Merchant, E.F. Anthony Merchant are varying forms of his names listed.
      Also listed are:
      Matthew Vincent Reynolds Merchant (son).
      John Eric Joshua Merchant (son).
      Pana Merchant (wife). Pana Pappas Merchant, senator for 4865 Days (13 years, 3 months, 26 days) on April 5.

      If you put All Countries in the Country field, you get 31 “Merchant” entries in the ‘world’, some description of companies in titles, and other the common Indian surname of the subcontinent.
      Anthony Merchant shows up in the non-identified countries, but links to a Regina address by association.

      You can find CSL (Canada Steamship Lines), and other companies working in Canada but already establishing overseas banking facilities.

      I am sure that the Frank Magazine (R) sleuths are already combing through the files comparing with the rough and ready rogues gallery that they have documented over the years.

    • CORRECTION: Er, shome mishtake!! This link, apologies, is to the comparatively dated 2013 data dump, not the 11.5 million smoking guns of infinite Panama Papers hotness still to be unleashed by CBC and Toronto Star. Any day now. I know readers hold my organ to a higher standard in our extremelydullandboring list journalism and for failing you in this we are truly contrite-seeming. Regret the error. Now let’s have a gander at the ol’ Merchant file, together, shall we?

  2. Or one Martin Chambers, who seems to live on a yacht in Vancouver at the foot of Jervis Street.

    And Bruce Philip Rockowitz who is associated with Coco Lee, and Goldcorp Profits. Ltd.

    Peter Sabourin is all over the system, with his Sabourin and Sun being predominant.

  3. Alain Deneault’s 2010 book [ Offshore: Paradis fiscaux et souveraineté criminelle. La Fabrique Éditions ] has been translated into English for TalonBooks (ISBN 13: 9780889228368)

    Alain Deneault, who teaches political science at the Université de Montréal and authored a recent book called “Canada: A New Tax Haven”, (Talonbooks, 2014) has documented how Canada’s big banks were critical players in creating offshore tax havens in the Caribbean going back to at least the 1920s. He explains how Canadian banks got into this racket by helping out American and European banks trying to move their assets around the world.

    On TLMEP, (Youtube, Published on Mar 10, 2014, 20 minutes) he said: “Selon des estimations indépendantes, le Canada serait en train de perdre entre 5,3 milliards $ et 7,8 milliards $ en revenu fiscal annuellement en raison de l’utilisation illégale de paradis fiscaux”

    Les Affaires had a short interview with him dated Édition du 09 Avril 2016

  4. So, the CBC is telling us on Monday.,
    “A public database containing a slice of key data from the giant Panama Papers leak is now public. Here’s what you will and won’t find, and how to search it.

    …..2. Still secret
    What you will likely not find in very many cases is the identity of the ultimate owner of an offshore corporation or account. That’s because offshore corporations are usually set up using so-called nominees — people who serve as corporate administrators and shareholders on paper only in order to disguise the true owners.
    The real owners’ names are buried deeper in the Panama Papers material in records like passports, emails, bank account numbers, share certificates and due diligence checks. Because those kinds of records contain private information on people, the ICIJ is not making them public.

    But the Glorious Frank Magazine can.

    So how about it?

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