Kevin Vickers sez, “Get Your Own Damn Frank!”


7 comments on “Kevin Vickers sez, “Get Your Own Damn Frank!”
  1. rumleyfips says:

    Nice way to alienate Citizens of the Irish republic. We now have our very own alcohol challenged ugly Canadian.

  2. daveS says:

    You Canadians never had the balls to fight for your independence. Still subjects of the British Royals. Pathetic, said one twitterer.
    “The Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association posted a video on its Facebook page applauding the protester, and levelled criticism against the Canadian ambassador.
    “Well done to Dublin IRPWA member Brian Murphy who earlier today protested at a British Army Memorial Event in Dublin,” reads the post.
    “Despite being assaulted by the Canadian ambassador Brian raised the issue of Justice For The Craigavon 2 Campaign.”

  3. Mikeonthebike says:

    DaveS, if that is your real name. We fought in several wars to maintain our nation. We didn’t go about blindly planting bombs as some who feign heroism did.

    • phargrav says:

      Mikeonthebike: give it a rest. The English cruelly persecuted the Irish from at least Oliver Cromwell onwards. What’s a tiny nation to do in the face of English might? And the bombs weren’t “blindly” planted. It was their war of independence. Mind you, I agree, the Ulster troubles of the 1970s onwards are a whole different matter. Nothing but sociopaths, there. And I lean a bit towards Dick Little’s opinion of the Irish in general!

  4. Muldoon's NyQuil says:

    Gerry Adams is 104.

  5. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    That’s an expensive-looking watch for a street brawler.

  6. TranslatorDude says:

    Ambassador Vickers, leave poor Kevin Page alone!

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