Kevin Vickers sez, “Get Your Own Damn Frank!”



  1. Nice way to alienate Citizens of the Irish republic. We now have our very own alcohol challenged ugly Canadian.

  2. You Canadians never had the balls to fight for your independence. Still subjects of the British Royals. Pathetic, said one twitterer.
    “The Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association posted a video on its Facebook page applauding the protester, and levelled criticism against the Canadian ambassador.
    “Well done to Dublin IRPWA member Brian Murphy who earlier today protested at a British Army Memorial Event in Dublin,” reads the post.
    “Despite being assaulted by the Canadian ambassador Brian raised the issue of Justice For The Craigavon 2 Campaign.”

  3. DaveS, if that is your real name. We fought in several wars to maintain our nation. We didn’t go about blindly planting bombs as some who feign heroism did.

    • Mikeonthebike: give it a rest. The English cruelly persecuted the Irish from at least Oliver Cromwell onwards. What’s a tiny nation to do in the face of English might? And the bombs weren’t “blindly” planted. It was their war of independence. Mind you, I agree, the Ulster troubles of the 1970s onwards are a whole different matter. Nothing but sociopaths, there. And I lean a bit towards Dick Little’s opinion of the Irish in general!

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