Jian Ghomeshi Comeback Shocker!



  1. Well, hi there.

    “…underneath it all, he’s still the insecure Persian boy who thought his world had ended when a random bully threw his beloved Adidas bag at Joan Jett during the 1982 Police Picnic concert, humiliating him in front of the icy blond beauty, Wendy, whom he’d waited a year to date.” ~ Richard Ouzounian, Toronto Star, 2012.

    “To this day, if I’m scared of someone or attracted to someone, I don’t directly pin it to North American imperialism in Iran in 1953, but having the experience that I did as a kid, I never completely forget it. I’m aware of who I am…passionate, romantic, curious, performer, compassionate. ” ~ Jian Ghomeshi


    …aaand here we have quite possibly the greatest artistic effort/commentary to emerge from the entire Ghomeshi Affair™.
    Two enthusiastic thumbscrews up, I say!
    “Don’t talk to the hand unless you’re ready for the hand to talk to you!”
    Jian Ghomeshi Trial: The Real Story – Stevie and the Wutnots © 2015

  2. New York Review of Books 14 Sept. 2018 on-line only, awaiting print version of the biweekly.
    3500 words, 39 paragraphs. “Oh, woe is me!’

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