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  1. Another choice Sophie! Come on, how much are you paying her per column? No satirist could make this stuff up.

  2. Well someone in the PMO (no assistance for poor Sophie) as they wrote some good lines and stunts for her at the Press Gallary dinner.
    Any well-known “reporters” who refuse to go, as some don’t go to the White House Correspondents Dinner in D.C?

    …”she said that she thought the press gallery dinner would be the best chance she had to “express myself in song.”
    “And you were so kind to me the last time I sang,” she said. (Gregoire Trudeau was teased by pundits and on social media for spontaneously breaking into a rendition of an original song at a Martin Luther King Day celebration at Ottawa’s City Hall.)
    “I called the PMO … I always let them know how I feel. And I said, alright listen. In order to do this, I need: a pianist, a cellist and a violinist, because I need a team. I need to feel supported,” she said, in a reference to the uproar caused by Gregoire Trudeau’s call for more staff.
    Then she launched into song. Here are the lyrics:’

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