House of Wax: Point of Scrimmage



  1. The Justine punch up has pushed Sophie’s crazed call for more factotums out of the news. The dream couple.

  2. From the snippets of coverage I saw initially I had imagined (hoped, really) JT had coldcocked Poilievre, kicked Clement up the arse or crossed the floor to give van Loan a wedgie. Imagine my disappointment when I finally saw the video of his mad rampage and realized he’d merely rescued Whip Brown from abduction by Mulcair and his Red Brigade.

  3. didn’t Ruth Ellen used to work as a bartender and take charter trips to Vegas?
    What happened to her moxie? What happens in the Commons, stays in the Commons.

    • The media nicknamed her ‘Vegas Girl’ during last fall’s election because ‘she took off to Vegas’ for her birthday mid-campaign.

      “How’s this for crazy: one minute you are in a bar, scraping by, and the next you are in the House of Commons pulling down $157,733 a year. Brosseau remembers arriving in Ottawa. It was another world. She was nervous. She was — Vegas Girl — but, in a sense, she was ideally equipped to be a politician. Working at the pub, she regularly talked to patrons. But she also listened, and asked questions. So she listened on Parliament Hill, got paired with a mentor, NDP veteran Jean Crowder, and also latched on with Gerri Lavoie, Jack Layton’s old French tutor, for twice-weekly lessons.” National Putz – October 2015

      So spawning at 16 and slugging it out as a barkeep/manager at Pier 21 and Cartoon U’s Oliver’s Pub in Ottawa renders one “ideally equipped to be a politician?”
      Sounds about right.
      She’s also an animal welfare activist and a vegetarian.
      Explains why the Dippers look like a bunch of unwashed hippies in Question Period.
      +1 for the meritoriously expeditious rise thru the Dipper ranks.
      Dipper ranks.
      Even I can’t type that with a straight face.

      What happens in the HOC, STAYS in the HOC!
      René Angélil is 104.


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