The Three Amigos in Mano a Mano a Mano!



  1. I was curious what Rideau Hall chef Louis Charest fed the three Cannabis Cup™ contenders last Tuesday evening at their “gala dinner”. Turns out the Globe and Minion was just as curious as I!

    “Rankin Inlet caribou, East Coast lobster, Ontario veal sweetbreads and a tartelette with duck chicharron – a Mexican specialty usually made with pork rinds. The caribou will contain a smoke flavour – replicating the smoked whole pork on offer in Mexico’s markets – from the herb heather, which Mr. Charest tasted when he visited Kugluktuk in Nunvaut.

    “When Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto dines at Rideau Hall on Tuesday night, there will be no cilantro. Ditto, salsa. And don’t even get him started on tortilla chips.”

    Incoming double-barrel braünnose alert!

    “For the 46-year-old chef, it was as much a gut feeling as anything else: the health and athleticism of Mr. Pena Nieto, mirrored in his Canadian host.”

    “Not Mr. Trudeau – although he’s in pretty good shape, too – but Governor General David Johnston, who Mr. Charest swears, at 74, is a beacon of health.”

    “He’s an athlete. He could have been a hockey player. He’s a regular jogger, he’s a biker. He’s an Ironman. Their Excellencies eat very well.”

    Alexander Litvenenko is 104.

  2. Munching on the testicles of tortured baby cattle from Ontario – yum!

  3. Memo to Rosemary444 and John MacLachlan Gray: Do either of you know how to operate the Google button on the internet machine? Sweetbreads are not made from veal testicles, they’re made from the thymus and pancreas glands. Granted the ick factor is still pretty high, but it would have saved you an unnecessary, and highly officious, scolding.

    • I’ll refrain from engaging in an animal cruelty pissing match with you here on the interne….oh what the hell!


      With all due respect and notwithstanding your “tone” as my mother would call it, Google is a website on the internet, not a button on a machine. I like to visit another site on the Al Gore interwebs called ‘Here Let Me Google That For You’. That’s not you is it?

      PETA doesn’t really have problem with the glands or the calfnuts since that’s a zero sum game for them. PETA is many things but cruel-to-cash ain’t one of ’em. They do, however, take issue with veal calves that “are chained inside 2-feet wide wooden stalls – so narrow they cannot turn around, walk, run, play, socialize with other animals, or engage in other basic natural behaviors. In such tight confinement, the animals are unable to lie down comfortably, breathe fresh air, see sunlight, clean themselves or bond with their mothers.”

      Sounds like that day in the House of Commons when Justin elbowed Ellen Brousseau in the tit.

  4. I’ll have the “Gandhi’s Delight” vegetarian thali with a Kingfisher, please.

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