Black Lives Matter, But Let’s Not Get Carried Away Here!

Hey! Did ya hear that the Black Lives Matter people held up the Gay Pride Parade? About time somebody did!

Every year, them LGBTQs – they won’t be happy until they take over the whole goddamn alphabet and leave normal people with nothin’ but punctuation – prance down the street like they’re the cock of the walk.

Young Trudeau even joined ’em this year, and left his poor wife at home to tend to her addled pot-head in-law.

How can I put this: Justin seems like the sort what needs, every so often, somethin’ other than a beard on his face.

Irregardless, good on the BLT people for rainin’ on the parade, and doin’ it without actually peein’ in the streets.

That’s gotta be a first for Pride. Foregoin’ public urination is a genuine reason to feel proud, right there.

It’s true, black lives do matter, but naturally some matter more than others.

Now that’s not racist!

Same goes for whites. If ya think the French are equal to the English then ya got yer thumb on the scales, Pierre.

Case in point, I hope in the secret protocols the gays signed to get their party started was the stipulation that next year they call it the Charlie Pride Parade.

Hell, I might even enter a float myself.

Black Lives Matter says American cops are trigger happy, but I don’t think that’s fair.

I seen some of those shootin’ videos, and they don’t look happy to me at all. Angry as all hell, more like.

If they weren’t cops, somebody might even think they was hepped up on somethin’. Imagine!

So hats off to the boys in blue, even if these days they’re more likely dressed in black body armour.

And that’s some sad state of affairs, Mr. Obama.




  1. Everyone should start their morning off with Dick and a cup o’ Joe! The BLT people. LMAO!

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