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  1. I just received the vellum edition of Frank July 27 edition with the “Sophie Sells Out” cover.
    O the joy of two Sophie columns in that issue.

    When we get an all-Sophie edition so that all the nation can be both excited and calmed by her zany insights and truly revealed in FRANK MAGAZINE (Ottawa)?

  2. Oh my! Dear Sophie is accused of going to try to upstage the Cambridge’s when they come to Canada, according to the venerable Christina Blizzard of the Toronto Sun in a 700 word screed.

    “…Is Sophie copycatting [Katherine]? Does she have royal
    aspirations? You can understand she wants to give
    Canadian designers a plug, but when she takes favours
    from companies, it doesn’t look good. It’s not like
    they’re struggling to make ends meet.”

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