This Week in the Ottawa Petfinder

Pet gecko that got away on flight to B.C. recovered
-July 28.
Pit bulls common in Vanier A9
– July 27.

Giant wasps ‘always a treat to see’
– July 27.

How an Ottawa animal-lover helps dogs living a world away

– July 25.

Bumblebee census has researchers buzzing

– July 23.

SPCA probes death of puppy left in parking lot
– July 23.

Accident fells longtime osprey nest
– July 22.
Petfinder Blue Jay
How blue jays plant forests
– July 19.

Free veterinary care program ‘definite relief’, cat owner says
– July 18.


  1. Air Canada allows reptiles on its Ottawa-Vancouver flights? Great news…guaranteed my Dwarf Komodo Dragon, Jakarta Jim, and I will be hitting Kits Beach sometime soon.

  2. It must be a relief to reptiles everywhere in this great land that even if they go off their meds that the airline will make sure they get to the House of Commons or Senate on time.

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