Hunter Tootoo’s ménage-à-trois

Hunter Tootoo’s messy love triangle helped spur resignation from cabinet
–Globe and Mail, Sept. 12, 2016.

Tootoo Love Triangle
–Frank, Aug. 3, 2016


  1. Robert Fife, for it is he writing, says in his second paragraph
    “Two sources said the staffer was unaware Mr. Tootoo had been dating her mother and that the relationship had become serious.”

    So two sources somehow make it publishable, eh?

  2. Tootoo unto others as you would have them Tootoo unto you! This whole mess is a bridge Tootoo far! May this tawdry tale go gently in Tootoo that good night! Alas, this Tootoo shall pass. Can’t wait for the 2017 TIFF People’s Choice Award winner: Tootoo Chicks and a Baby. #eskimokissesandcodfishdreams

  3. And so ends Mr. Tootoo’s name in the news

    Former cabinet minister Tootoo won’t seek re-election this fall in Nunavut
    By The Canadian Press Tues., July 30, 2019

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