Chris Alexander and Joffrey Baratheon


2 comments on “Chris Alexander and Joffrey Baratheon
  1. Patrick60 says:

    You never know.

  2. merklin muffley says:

    There’s something about Chris Alexander -to say nothing of Maxime Bernier- that has me thinking of the bad old days when leg hold traps were in common use and many trapped animals were known to have chewed their own legs off to escape. The only difference between trapped wolverines and Chris Alexander and Maxime Bernier is the pair of them, not as yet trapped, seem to be chewing their own legs off as a precautionary measure. It’s a sort of Conservative thing, an abundance of caution that says you’re better to burn the house down before it gets struck by lightning. But the real practitioner of that caution is Kellie Leitch who favours destroying the whole village before the tornado is even predicted. Death wish people. There’s a lot of it about…

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