Whose (Subsidized) House? Mr. Butts Goes to Westboro

So Gerry Butts and Katie Telford were indeed among the entitled PMO wheeze kids at the relocation trough, as Globe and Mail gumshoe Laura Stone reports, dinging taxpayers for $127,000 and $80,000, not necessarily respectively.

These epic Toronto-Ottawa migrations cleanly eviscerated the mumbling points of Bardish Chagger (one of whose own fartcatchers billed taxpayers $70,000.) The Liberal house leader suggested that it was the cost of flying in diverse superstar geniuses from, say, Nunavut or Labrador, that ran up such outrageous bills.

“The team in Ottawa came from coast to coast to coast to serve Canadians and deliver on our promise to grow the middle class and those working hard to join it,” Chagger bleated.

For plucky immigrants Gerald Michael Butts and the delightful Jodi Lynn Heimpel (!) Butts, their journey from Toronto to Ottawa last spring ended in the lovely community of Westboro. There, they used the $630K profit from their TO home and purchased a middle class dream pile on Cowley Ave. for $1.3-million in March. The sale finally closed in July.

Sales fluff: “Amian Developments presents this 4 Bdrm, $2,550 sq ft plus $1,110 sq ft finished lower level custom Jacque [sic] Hamel home. Designer Irpinia kitchen, spa like ensuite, oversized Quartz island and much more.”


  1. “Oversized quartz island”?

    Someone believes in the magic of crystals?
    Next we’ll hear that “shome Liberals” belong to The Order of the Solar Temple, also known as Ordre du Temple Solaire (OTS).

  2. C’mon, they made a great sacrifice leaving their jobs working for horse face to join pretty boy Justine.

  3. Now that he got caught Gerry “Edgar Bergen” Butthead has come to the conclusion that taxpayers shouldn’t have picked up the tab for the Land Transfer Tax on his million dollar pile. Or is he pro rating it..the stories are confusing. The expenses had to be signed off by the employee’s Minister.Who dat? Charlie McCarthy. Actually, Mortimer Sneard is a better fit. Charlie was clever.

  4. Which Cowley house? There are so many “video tours” on the Intertubes, and houses for sale there, west of Tunney’s Pasture. Cowley is only 700 metres long.
    Is this like the District of Columbia, where half of the people along Connecticut Avenue move out after 4 years and a new crew moves in?

  5. Irpina Kitchens? Hmm!! Check out the trail here-could be very interesting and very “organized”

  6. Who was Gerald Butts?

    “Gerald Butts resigns as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s principal secretary”
    (Denies allegations he or anyone in PMO pressured Wilson-Raybould on SNC-Lavalin)
    John Paul Tasker · CBC News · Posted: Feb 18, 2019 2:06 PM ET

  7. Will 136 Cowley Avenue with finished basement with a potential for home theatre ever see public use again?

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