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Frank’s correspondent behind the Christmas tree in the Centre Block reports rumours that Tom “Tom” Clark is finally for the high jump. The way we hear it, the Global News chief correspondent has already packed his ‘chute and will soon decamp for his new gig as a lobbyist with The Parliamentary Group, the not-so-prominent Ottawa-based rat-fucking firm (“government relations”, shurely?!—ed.)
Global news supremo Troy Reeb has made no secret that the network has been looking for a younger, more dynamic newsthingy. To that end, Tweeb and his Global brain trust have been bruiting about the names of several prospective meat puppets, including none other than foam-flecker Ezra Levant, whose Rebel TV is reportedly taking on water.


  1. …” Rebel TV is reportedly taking on water.”

    Water! How droll.

    And what news from the 120 suites on the Nieuw Amsteredam?

  2. EZRA LEVANT at Global News?! OY VEY! — Although… upon closer scrutiny, the idea does have some merit. It seems rather appropriate that Levanthole’s xenophobic duff would end up at Global. “Over the network’s history, there has been some evidence that Global considers its news coverage subordinate to its usual prime-time lineup of entertainment programming.” – Wikipedia

    Jim Tatti is .300

  3. “Tom Clark ‏@tomclarkGPA Jan 9
    So here’s the second act. I am delighted to be taking up duties today as the Chair of public affairs and comms for Global Public Affairs.”

    Genevieve Young, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Global Public Affairs, 50 O’Connor Street, Suite 901, Ottawa.

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