The Corpse: Driving Mr. Mansbingo

For someone who trousers over $1-million a year from a grateful nation, you’d think Peter Mansbridge could at least cover his own commute.

But noooo. Amazingly, the Corpse bingo caller’s entitlements also include a chauffeur-driven limo that picks him up every Monday morning at his home in Stratford, and deposits him at CBC HQ in Toronto.

The glabrous Giant of Journalism™ bunks at his downtown shag pad during the week, then he’s driven the three-hour trip back to Stratford – and National Treasure™ Cynthia Dale – on Fridays.


  1. Yabbut….if he didn’t spend all that time in the back seat of a Town Car, would he ever have been seized by the creative muse to compare neckties with Justin Trudeau IN THE BACK SEAT OF A LIMOUSINE????? HUH??? Answer me that, you smart alecks, before you start criticizing a beloved national treasure!!!

  2. Gives him time to peruse his briefing notes for all those panel discussions that drive viewers
    to other channels.

  3. Jerome the Giraffe could be simply bundled up and Fedexed to CBC HQ every Monday morning. He could be kept in somebody’s sock drawer when not needed. It is 2016…Canada is ready for a hand-puppet as its national broadcaster’s Chief Correspondent.

  4. I heard similar ‘plaints from CBCorpsers about (Saint) Barbara Frum’s limo rides from upper Toronto to downtown bunker.
    Hey, if they can relieve the stress of being a **S*T*A*R** in Canada, more the better.
    At least they save money on the soon-to-retire Mansbridge’s hair stylist, unlike having to unkink Madame Barbara’s wig every night.
    Alan Holman in the Charlottetown Guardian suggested going back to 30 minutes, dropping Mansbridge’s million on some more reporters and use a staff announcer to read the news.

    I see that Tony Blair (dis)graced Mr. Mansbridge’s guest chair last night. I am sure that the CBC booking agent is trying to use up all the disgraced former leaders for a Black Starry Lineup on going out with a Whimper!
    And HuffPost says “Mark Critch Blames Peter Mansbridge For U.S. Election Results.”

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