DiManno deals! Peace bond for Toronto Star pugilist

Frank is delighted to report that longtime subscriber and Toronto Star typist Rosie DiManno has been spared a potential Christmas holiday in jail on assault charges.

Readers will recall that the rebarbative Riveter stood accused of assaulting Teresa Villeneuve, her brother Benny‘s ex-partner, at a rented cottage on Finnegan Lake in July (Franks passim).

But now comes news that Rosie will avoid the slammer by signing a peace bond at her court appearance Dec. 20. Apparently Rosie’s been getting straight A’s in her anger management class and she agreed to stay away from Villeneuve, so the assault charge was withdrawn.

Doug Bell is 73.



  1. One spin thru Villeneuve’s blog reveals RoRo ain’t the only one in this Tenenbaum a few kernels short of a movie.

    The problem with ‘get-out-jail-free’ card anger management ‘courses’ are the underlying cognitive behavioural therapy techniques assuming a baseline of sobriety.

    They really ought to be held at her local on a Friday night, say, 11pm. The clinical outcomes and subsequent conclusions presented to the court may have differed.

    Is it surprising (as Hervè Villeneuve alleges) that Rosie has to knock herself unconscious at night with what amounts to a horse tranquilizer, er.. I mean the human “sleep aid”, Zopiclone?

    The National Post ran a piece about the “nation’s growing love affair with sleeping pills” in 2012:

    “Use of one drug alone — Zopiclone, one of the so-called “Z” drugs — nearly doubled over the same period, (2006) from 2.9 million prescriptions, to five million in 2011.”

    There was an air-rage case in the UK a few years ago where the court heard that “the manufacturers of Zopiclone warn that ‘severe’ side effects of drug include irritability, aggressiveness, confusion, depression, amnesia, sleepwalking and hallucinations.”

    And that’s with no booze on board! Add a few summertime Bancroft Bud’s to the DiManno dysfunctional family pharma-stew and it’s a veritable Norman Rockwell painting on acid.

    Tony Ortega is 104.

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