Ezra Derangement Syndrome #147: Radio Free Pisher

Transcript of an interview by CFRA-radio host Evan Solomon with Rebel Media Commander Ezra Levant, whose anti-carbon-tax rally at the Alberta legislature last weekend prompted just the sort of media uproar Ez’ was praying for.

In the event, Conservative Party leadership candidate Chris Alexander was captured on video simpering along as protestors chanted “Lock her up!” in reference to Alberta preem Rachel Notley.

Even Alexander’s old crony, Maclone’s typist Scott Gilmore (aka Mr. Catherine McKenna) had a Twitterfit: “I worked w/ Chris in Kabul. He was brave principled, a brilliant diplomat. Now? Snitch lines, Ezra, ‘Lock Her Up.’ Lay down with pigs, Chris, you’re going to get muddy.”

We join Ezra mid-yammer:

Levant: It was an amazing outpouring of real grass roots Albertans [about the pain they’re going through]. They don’t want to pay carbon taxes, they’re hurting enough already. We had a no profanity rule, we said OK, let’s keep it family friendly. So there was one fun moment where people sort of [mirthless chuckle] copied that Donald Trump chant they had about Hillary Clinton “locking her up.”

Solomon: The idea that we should lock up political opponents who have done nothing has made news. How do you justify that kind of level of—

L: –very easily, it’s the same kind of thing the media got wrong with Donald Trump. The media were taking him excessively literally, but not seriously and it’s the same thing here. You’ve got two, three thousand people, many of them out of work, suffering, unemployment nine per cent and Rachel Notley’s going to bring in the largest tax increase in Alberta history—without a mandate by the way. She didn’t campaign on this, she has no social licence. So you have real people, really hurting–

S: –she won an election, she didn’t campaign specifically on [the carbon tax] I agree but—

E: –she has no social licence, she has no social licence to bring in a tax.

S: I’m amazed. She has no social licence? Are you really campaigning on social licence?

E: No I’m just saying she has no consent of the governed. I’m not saying it’s illegal. It’s deeply immoral and she didn’t have the courage to face these men in hard hats. It used to be the NDP was the party of the guys in hard hats. They’re not. They’re the party of the fancy, jet-setting environmentalist activists, so Rachel Notley … you know some of these guys blow off some steam by making a joke. They’re not actually going to lock up the premier, they’re not stupid. I know the media thinks blue-collar folks are stupid. They’re just having some fun. But the language police, it’s Canadian media in general, which is holding the people to account on behalf of the government. The support for the carbon tax in Alberta is what, maybe 25%?

S: Let’s not conflate these two things and I appreciate we do that. I think it’s very fair to pay attention and we ought to [gibberish] the legitimate frustrations of nine per cent unemployment and whether or not carbon tax is a good or bad thing.

E: You know, the househusband of the federal environment minister, Catherine McKenna, her househusband, Scott Gilmore, did a tweet yesterday calling it a rally of “pigs.” P-I-G-S! 3,000 hurting people and the husband of the Trudeau federal environment minister called them PIGS! (yelling).
You doubt that they talk that way at home. You doubt that Catherine McKenna and her bigoted husband call Albertans pigs all the time and he just forgot that he was tweeting in public and so he said the way they talk at home… he called Albertans PIGS! She has not disavowed this.

S: Hang on, hang on, as you know, [Gilmore] is a conservative, he’s written very critical things—

E: –he’s a conservative is he?

S: I asked him, who are you calling a pig, Scott Gilmore. He was just on the program before you Ezra, here’s what he said:

S: Do you as a Western Canadian, you’re not just taking on Chris Alexander, you’re taking on who when you say, “If you lie with pigs you get dirty.”

Gilmore: I’m taking on Ezra Levant and the rest of these, you know, leech-like vampires who are trying to take advantage of the genuine pain, the genuine disillusionment with government to line their own pockets, to raise their own profile. I was disappointed that Chris even showed up at that rally.

S: What do you say to that?

E: I think he’s a total crackpot. We’ve known that for a while. But now he’s calling us leeches. The irony is that it’s his wife who is forcing the carbon tax on the country. So I’m not sure how it’s me, having a rally—in fact we spent thousands of dollars on a PA system and other costs—how is that being a leech?
For him to dehumanize opponents, to dehumanize the people who are hurting. He not only called the 3,000 people there ‘pigs’, he called anyone who would dare listen to them ‘leeches.’

S: You call people names all the time!

E: I’m not the househusband of the environment minister. I’m not the househusband of the woman who is bringing the carbon tax …nine per cent unemployment…[unintelligible]

S: What does that mean: “househusband?”

E: That means he is her stalking horse. He is saying what she thinks but hasn’t the courage to say it and she will not disavow him. He called Albertans ‘pigs’. She does not disavow. She does not disown. That means she owns it. This is no surprise to have Liberals in Ottawa calling Albertans ‘pigs’ while they come to raise taxes. There is no surprise here at all.


  1. Love the illustration…Sgt. Pisher’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

    And nice tribute to “The Thing With Two Heads” (“THE PLANTED A RACIST BIGOT’S HEAD ONTO A BLACK BROTHER’S BODY!!”), one of the true gems of cheeseball sci-fi cinema.

    Challenge to all you younger Frankophiles out there…without using The Google, name the two lead actors in this classic. (Hint…not Denzel Washington and Sean Penn.)

    • We don’t use Google, but DuckDuckGo.
      And for fill-ems and moovies we use Amazon’s IMDB.com (International Movie Data Base) data base.
      The answer is: Ooh, Aah, ugh….. [ Silence ]

      • You see, that’s the difference between you younger people and us Boomers. Your generation has learned to rely on gadgets and fancy-shmancy computer programs for information, while we had to spend years acquiring and storing vast amounts of cognitive material in our brains.

        Regrettably, much of what we squirrelled away was complete rubbish, which largely explains why we’re such absolute tools.

          • Blizzard? We would have loved a blizzard. We had to crawl completely starkers through an enormous Lake of Fire, and when we got to school our teachers would jump up and down on our near-lifeless bodies shouting imprecations. But we were happy.

      • And the black guy was an ex-football player named Roosevelt Grier in a 1972 epic entitled “The Thing with Two Heads”. Not a highlight on either man’s résumé.

        • Exactly…Rosie Grier who along with Lamar Lundy, Merlin Olson and Deacon Jones made up the L.A. Rams “Fearsome Foursome” of the Sixties and early Seventies (one of countless factoids that will clog up my mental plumbing until the day they donate my body to Science and Science re-gifts it).

  2. So Ezra Solomon booked Evan Levant to an interview? Or were the staffers asking for this?
    Who controls the agenda and gives Levant an audience a
    Donald Trump has a lot to answer for. Thank god for the Satirical Press and German-passported Nick Farage.

  3. Calling Ezra a pig is an insult to that courageous, intelligent animal – although he does emit a whiff of bacon.

  4. Let’s not kid ourselves. In a Leitch government,these assholes will be in cabinet. The current government is doing the status quo shuffle, which alienates the progressive voters who put them in office. They won’t come out for Trudeau next time, but Leitch’s people will come out for her.

  5. Oh, and regarding the illustration, TinEye.com finds it used in TrueNorthTimes.ca
    2015.03.04 in an interview with one E. Levant.
    Interview: Ezra Levant, Founder of TheRebel.Media. The True North Times, March 4, 2015

    This is despite addit… urh, emendations by Frankian “artistes”.

  6. Levant dismisses Biff Alexander’s fratboy hijinks as “the media taking him excessively literally” and yet he has a complete Newmanesque meltdown over some harmless porcine humour in a tweet?

    Ezra’s transparently alty-culty language choices have lost the power to amuse. He eschews the “lamestream media” yet milks his own auto-tuned 15 minutes on Trump’s coattails like Leitch at Goebbels’ tit.

    “We’ve known that for a while.” — Who is *we* exactly, Ezra? You and your recruited-from-the-cradle, call centre, puberty brigade of Preston Manning Moonies?

    Someone shoud lay a Barber of Seville skinshave beatdown on the shitstank of the Levant hypebole. I think Tootoo’s scalpel is available. Last seen in the Liberal Caucus Reputation Room.

    — And Ez has yet to meet an interview wherein he neglects to remind us all ad nauseam of the high cost of ripping off high school drop outs. Reminds me of my Jewish Zaydee who used to keep the cellophane on the lampshades in her roped off living room. Better than the alternative, I say!

    Ed Gein is 104.

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