Kevin O’Leary stars in The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

6 comments on “Kevin O’Leary stars in The Grinch Who Stole Christmas
  1. Patrick60 says:

    These bastards will be in a postition to take over next election if Justin doesn’t realize that you have to dance with those what brung you.

    • Rosemary444 says:

      What brung Justy? The gigantic silver spoon embedded in his arse?

      • Patrick60 says:

        I think people voted for him because they thought he would repudiate Harper’s policies. But like
        McGuinty after Mike Harris, very little of the right-winger’s legacy has been dismantled, and Harper’s
        policies are still in force.

  2. Rosemary444 says:

    “Now there’s an awful feckin’ gobshite. Always puttin’ ‘is hand up. Such a gombeen lickarse!” — My Irish Granny just now, when I asked her what she thought of Kevin O’Leary

  3. OJM says:

    It is as if all the world’s jackasses have suddenly become aware of their numbers, and are voting as a bloc to put their own into high office.

    • Rosemary444 says:

      Johnny Knoxville for CPC leader! Visions of Leitch careening down Parliament Hill in a shopping cart with her testes ablaze!