Justin Trudeau Stars in “The Nutty Professor”


    • Would you say the same of Will Shakespeare’s “Coriolanus” or Euripides’ “The Trojan Woman”? Le Grand Jerry’s Sixties Cool reframing of the Jekyll-and-Hyde fable is ageless.

      • But the Jerry Lewis film has little cultural import to most readers. Who was Jerry Lewis, what is the Nutty Professor?

        Shakespeare and Euripides is taught in senior high school and college–film studies less so.

        Isn’t that why Wayne and Shuster are Classics? 😉

        • Little cultural import? At least half the men of my generation habitually refer to their schwantz as “Buddy Love”. (The remainder call it “The Littlest Hobo”.)

  1. Gawd, *some* of the Frank subscribers are ageist pedants.

    Jesus Dave, even the TexArkanaCanuckistan backwater of Alberta is abandoning their wrinkle-hate and enshrining ageism into the provincial charter — finally.

    And a Jerry Lewis telethon trophy full of Muscular Dystrophy wheelchair smegma for you and your back-door suggestion that youth somehow engenders one an effective satirist.


    Have you spent 30 seconds with a ‘millenial’ lately? Hop on down to the local mall and try not come back stabby.

    When you get back from your IRL-Wikipedia reality check, have a look at the current world tour of Dr. Bill Thomas over at ‘Changing Aging’ (dot org).

    I like to think of Dr Thomas’ work as a ‘sphincterectomy for the get off my lawn crowd’. Ahem.

    Benjamin Button is 104.


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