The Great Globe Logroll: Exit through the gift shop

— News, A6, Globe and Mail, Feb. 7.

— Ad, A3.


  1. Despite that, the Herzberg Prize (Canada’s science “Nobel”) is quite prestigious.
    Dahn also won the Governor General’s Innovation Award last year, which is more questionable as is the ISED minister Navdeep Bains himself as he is ‘told’ that Innovation is bailing out tech companies and buying useless aging electronic junk to be stored for 20 years in Government of Canada warehouses, rather than creating new procedures and methods á la Frank Magazine.
    And good on the Globe’s beleaguered sales department for selling an advert at all this week.

  2. Well, if Mr. Musk comes to your door, you must have something going for you. But the ad cheapens the

    • Fine example of the ‘legacy media’ getting creative with the income stream. Good on the Globe! Newspaper biz knobs call it ‘Solution Focused Story-Telling’. Translation? Globe got granular with the stakeholders, drilled down on best practices, leveraged some B2B sea-change logistics, several exit strategies and some really amazing cross-platform paradigm-shift convergence bench-marking and et voila! Meta game-changing thought leader!

      Fun Elon Musk Fact: Back in 2010, in the middle of a very public divorce, his first wife spilled all about Elon to ladyshamerag Marie Claire. “He effectively transformed her into a typical Bel Air trophy wife, telling her she read too much and encouraging her to “go platinum” with her hair… some pretty concrete examples of him being a domineering, sexist douche. Sounds like Cameron Diaz has landed the world’s richest star f*cker.” —Elaine Lui, The Social-CTV/ Laineygossip Entertainment Update – love/advice/a5380/millionaire-starter-wife/

  3. The half-page advert about Dr. Dahn was from his university Dalhousie in Halifax, N.S. by the way. He grew up in Nova Scotia.
    The ad barely mentioned a deal with Tesla, the copper-top battery.

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