Frank Exclusive! A behind-the-scenes look at the making of the YouTube sensation “Kellie Leitch on Screening for Canadian Values”



  1. Reptilian or amphibian tough ability?
    To be at the top of the CPC list, her name should be Aardvark (Afrikaans for [Earth-pig]) anteater, a mammal of the Tubulidentata order.

  2. The folks of Simcoe-Grey have elected themselves a whole series of unpolished turds to various levels of government over the last 2 decades. Paul “look no sox” Bonwick; Jim “get off your Duff Dalton” Wilson; Helena “you can’t see this stack of policy prompt cards under the table can you?” Guergis – and now Kellie “don’t ask me if I’m transgender because that implies I tried anything related to sex” Leitch. Dear folks from Tottenham to Blue Mountain – time to check your brains in for a rebore!

  3. Go see The Hamilton Spec for more reaction if you haven’t see the 8:32 minute video

    I kept expecting the flaming-tree rural-nostalgia fake oil-painting behind her to explode.
    There are Close-Captions, if you click the CC button.
    And what was she looking skyward for at various moments?

  4. Her hands look like they’ve been scrubbed raw. A compulsive hand-washer if ever there was one.

  5. Great screen captures, but Franksters, shurely you can do better. Remember the good old days when you could catch people right in the middle of a blink? Made them look either drunk or insane. Good times!

  6. Cripes, Kells, you missed a few, like, really important Canadian values…how about we get Mr. and Mrs. Baba-Ghanouj to discuss these, eh?

    “If not for hockey, donuts and rapidly rising real estate prices life would have no purpose.”

    “I support the urgent fight against global warming, provided it doesn’t cause me the slightest personal inconvenience.”

    “Music has been going downhill ever since the Guess Who broke up.”

    “We should be respectful of other cultures…but don’t get me started on fucking Quebec.”

    “Couscous? No way. I’ll have a bowl of KD and pass the ketchup.”

    “A country’s paper money should look like something Salvador Dali might have painted.”

    “Just because a person chooses to spend seven months a year in Florida doesn’t mean they can’t love their country.”

  7. If any of the personalities that come through as expressed in the comments section of this article or the writer of the article represent Canadian values then I must say I can’t agree with Kelly that it’s important to preserve Canadian values. Who would want these sarcastic mean spirited characteristics to be preserved!

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