CPC Leadership Sleaze: Mad Max’s Tory Tamils by the tonne?

What would the Tory leadership race be without overheated (and colour-coded) allegations of voter fraud?

Maxime Bernier‘s campaign has snapped up several of the top Tamil-wranglers who were so instrumental in Patrick Brown’s PC leadership victory, including Babu Nagalignham and Sri Vallipuranathar (ex-MP Parm Gill‘s brother Manjeet is Max’s national outreach director and prime brannouser in the Sikh community). These recruits have predictably sent competing GTA organizers into fits of brown-alert paranoia over ethnic vote conspiracies in the party of Sir John A.

To hear the also-rans whine, Team Bernier operatives are engineering mass signups of new members, their names cut-and-pasted from the Ontario PC membership lists (which include some 14,500 Tamils) without the formality of actually contacting them. Their membership fees are then processed through large quantities of prepaid gas station credit cards (a different one for each family) and judicious IP spoofing.

Next month, Bernier field coordinators, shitloads of Indos who know the unwitting new signups from temple, social and sports clubs, will blitz their houses to pick up voter cards and scan IDs for Mad Max’s bulk-bought march to victory in May.

Or so the story goes. Allegations of voter fraud among Tories, after all are almost as common as, er, voter fraud among Tories. Remember Canadian Alliance contendah Tom Long‘s remarkable support among deceased voters in Quebec?

Still, Bernier’s detractors are doubling down, compiling lists of unsuspecting GTA Indos allegedly signed up through the scheme. Among them:

Bhupinder Sidhu
13 Donwoods Crt (Ran in a Punjab local election in India. Still, to the best of anyone’s knowledge, resident there).

Jasvir Samra
20 Cedarcliff Trail

Bhupinder Smagh
44 Herdwick St

Gurmeen Dogra
15 Poppyhills Rd

Meera Sidhu
23 Executive Ct

Sukhden Johal
61-250 Sunny Meadow

Amarjeet Sidhu
10 Ice Fields R

Gunaz Sidhu
13 Donwoods Crt

Kuldip Sran
57 Sled Dog Rd

Nirmal Singh
3 Midnightsun Tr
(that’s enough Bhupinders!!–ed.)

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  1. Gas cards? Whoa! That’s some Kreative Konservative Party of Kanada™ accounting. How stupid is this Bern? Do you feel it? #PagingNigelWright

    David Carment and Yiagadeesen Samy’s 2012 Globe and Mail piece, “The Dangerous Game of Diaspora Politics” is an insightful read, especially given that it was written pre-Trump. “… by playing the diaspora card, Canada’s leaders are opening up the country to exploitation by other countries looking to disrupt our internal affairs, using diasporas to lobby or influence our leaders or bring their conflicts here.” That Bernier is playing the ‘diaspora politics’ card for votes isn’t that surprising — but he (and Patrick Brown) never play the flip side of their ethnic pandering shtick(man). Bernier doesn’t possess the intellectual capacity to understand the intricacies of geo-political conflicts and his ego precludes him from recognizing that he may not be the only one doing the manipulating. #TamilTigerTaxiCabConfessions

    And don’t forget the children! The CPC/PCPO are ever “engaged at the community level” in the “mentoring and training” of da yoot in the wily ways of Conservative Rat Fucking 101. Senatorial Mentorer-in-Briefs Dandy Don Meredith come on down! The John Mykytyshyn’s of Tomorrow™ are honing their fangs in the Ottawa “youth wing” of the Conservative Party, aka the OPCYA. YOU TOO can be John Baird! #ArthurHamiltonsJesusJuice #RoboBrainWash — See OPCYA “Executive” members Kinsey “Shurely Shurm Mishtake” Shurm and Jack “Kosher Nehru Coat” Greenberg dressing up in Indo costumes and yarmulkes in way too many Frank’s passim ad nausea*.

    Such junior political theatre for Bernier and a transparent piggyback on Trudeau the Elder’s multicultural mendacity. The nerve! — Lefty Leftover Legover braünnosing blogger Warren Kinsellout said it best re Patrick Brown – words that could easily apply to Bernier – “… he’s vulnerable because he’s trying to be all things to all people, just like Stockwell [“Hide the Jesus”] Day tried to do. He’s vulnerable because he is being dishonest about who he really is, and what he really believes. And he’s going to get found out, at precisely the wrong time for him and his party.”

    Michael Sona is 104.


    *Not really. There can NEVER be too much Frank!

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