Selfie of the Month: Scaachi Koul

Meanwhile, in Manchester. (Note time stamp).


  1. Meanwhile, all about herself and book sales….
    ” @Scaachi 3 hours ago 14:30 EDT
    The @seattletimes recommends #odwabdanotwm for your summer reading. I agree because summer is dumb so stay inside: http://www.seattletimes.com/entertainment/

    ” @Scaachi 7 hours ago 10:00 EDT
    Scaachi Retweeted LIVE IN LIMBO
    “still time to buy my book, in that, you can buy it literally whenever you want, as many times as financially possible. ”

    Will the tone-deaf ever get a “real job” in this open-to-everyone world.
    Thank heavens that FrankMag is more discreet.

  2. Because no one else can deal with her….?
    [ “You CHANGED a comma!!! Arrgh.” ]

    (Or to get out of a foolish media rights contract, in a crash and burn?)

    CBC BOOKS 12 July, 2017
    “BuzzFeed senior writer and author Scaachi Koul will be writing and executive producing a half-hour comedy series based on her autobiographical book of essays, ‘One Day We’ll All Be Dead And None of This Will Matter’.”

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