The Corpse: Re-educating Steve

Trebles all ‘round at CBC-TV, where the Steve Ladurantaye Social Rehabilitation Program proceeds apace!

Steve, readers will recall, was the CBC wunderkind in charge of reinventing The National in the post-Peter Mansbingo era.

But then along came Ken Whyte’s cultural appropriation prize campaign and Ladurantaye, eager to be one of the kool kids in Kanadian media, fired off a tweet in support of Whyte’s ill-considered crowd funder. Cue the shitstorm.

Ladurantaye was immediately frogmarched before the Corpse Star Chamber of Inappropriateness and Insensitivity and ordered to confess his sins and listen to impact statements from his victims of diversity (diverse victims, shurely?!—ed.)

At sentencing, CBC news supremo Jennifer McGuire decreed that as part of his reprogramming process, Steve would be exiled to the CBC’s “Content Experience area to help evolve our storytelling strategies and take the time necessary to reach out to Indigenous communities.”

The first step in his recovery kicked off last week when CBC sent Steve to Northern Ontario to get a “better understanding [of] the appropriation issue from the perspective of Canada’s Indigenous peoples.”

According to the Corpse press release, Steve was well-received by students at the new school in Pikangikum First Nation “as they visited with prospective employers, including CBC News, at a career fair.”

The healing has truly begun.


  1. Steve would get a better idea of what’s up with the Abo’s if he did his stake out at the North-west corner of Bathurst & Queen.

  2. The Kanadian Kool Kids

    Do they all wear pointy Whyte hats?

    Are Koyne and Kristy the Grand Imperial Wizards?

    Is Injun JoBo their mascot?

  3. And does the CBC get to Sioux Lookout, Ont.?
    Pikangikum First Nation is located on Pikangikum Lake, approximately 100 km northwest of Red Lake, Ontario.

    CBC’s most recent story from there was:
    “Blackout hits Sioux Lookout area
    Schools cancelled classes, with no estimate when power will return”
    CBC News Posted: May 17, 2017 11:18 AM ET
    And “Knobby’s Restaurant in Sioux Lookout, Ont. destroyed by fire”

    Last year Nick Purdom was exciled there and reported
    “School hockey program in northern Ontario keeps kids in class and out of trouble.”

    … and what position does Steve Ladurantaye play? Probably goalie-without-pads…

  4. Neil Macdonald (also of CBC, and recipient of more than 2000 comments for each of his columns before they cut comments off within the same day), revealed this week that Sue Montgomery, ex-Montreal Gazoo, is resigning from the MMIWaG commission media liaison next week.
    A place for Steve to receive his “woke” awakening for the summer? After all the “New” [unpolished and verdigris-ridden] National News is not starting until October–plenty of time to be a ‘better man’.

  5. “Evolve our storytelling strategies…” And what executive “retreat” produced that little gem?

  6. Next up…Steve learns the Innu have thirty-seven different words for “career-limiting move”.

  7. Is that a pot growing company exhibiting in the back of the career fair? Long summer days up there in Sioux Lookout…

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