Omar, Can Ya Spare A Dime?

If the Jews are right and reincarnation’s for real then I hope I come back as one of them child soldiers.

Buddy, they got it made in the Afghan shade from cradle to grave! And Lord knows it’s tough enough to make ends meet these days in an honest to God, ass-to-ass fashion.

I swear I don’t understand this world anymore, not since John Wayne made a movie about Genghis Khan.

Here’s Omar Khadr, winnin’ the Cash for Takin’ a Life Lottery, and I’ve yet to see my first million for all the Krauts I killed. And under the Marquess of Queensberry’s rules of engagement, yet.

I guess that’s the thanks I get for playin’ by the rules, and for savin’ Europe’s sorry ass again, one dumb country at a time.

Ten and a half big ones, cash on the barrel’s head, Trudeau just doled out to good ol’ Omar. That can buy a lot more than 72 virgins and he didn’t even need to die for ’em first. Me, I’d have settled outta court for a massage and a happy ending.

But kids today, they don’t want to hear about things like duty, or honour, or an old man’s hand job.

Another couple years and they’ll be trippin’ over themselves to vote for Khadr, the Liberal Party’s new personal trainer, or to see him in concert performin’ his latest hit “I Shot The Sheriff (And Then They Gave Me $10.5 Million).” Whatever he wants.

The world’s his oyster now, though I don’t think a Muslim’s supposed to eat shellfish, so what he’d do with an oyster is anybody’s guess.

If we ever get a normal government again I hope they fix the Supreme Court.

Throw the judges into the street, even if it is one closed to vehicular traffic.

I bet it would still make the papers.



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