The Goldy-Diggers: Looking for Mr. Alt-Right

Whither Faith Goldy?

The alt.right loudmouth, cashiered by Rebel Media last month, has been uncharacteristically restrained since.

Granted, she’s busy on social media, still tweeting the loopy ravings that inspire her neo-Nazi fanboys to buff their bananas in their parents’ basements.

Sex has a lot to do with Faith’s success: She’s managed to portray herself as both right-wing objet de fap and a good Catholic girl.

Faith pitches A Wedding Dress For Everyone But Me

Just last week, for example, she was kvetching again about Ontario schools sex ed curriculum, posting a pic of Teen Vogue’s Guide to Anal Sex, accompanied by her tweet: “Who needs reading, writing, and arithmetic when you have sodomy?”

A couple of weeks earlier, it was, “What in the ACTUAL FU*K? Many refugee claimants found in possession of child porn at Quebec border”

Or: “Germany: Migrant men caught ‘emptying their bowels’ in children’s pool, masturbating in hot tub!”–(who among us!?—ed.)

From a recent Rebel vid: “It’s never appropriate to wear your little boy pants or your little hot pants to church. I’m in the pew behind you. I’m trying to listen to the gospel, but instead I’m looking to see if you’ve got a thigh gap or maybe you got a nick while shaving your legs.”

She’s come a long way from her school days, first at Havergal School For Girls With Ponies and then U. of T.’s Trinity College.

Hard to believe that just five years ago, she was presented with the Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award for volunteer work on “social justice causes.”

That was 2012, long before she acquired her fixation with “white genocide”, decided that most Jews are “giant Democrat-donor losers,” came to believe there should be a new Crusade to expel Muslims from the Holy Land, cheered on neo-Nazi demonstrators at Charlottesville and appeared on the Daily Stormer affiliated podcast, where she mocked her mentor/boss, Ezra Levant, for accepting “free bacon.”

That was too much, even for Lügenpants. Exit Faith to reflect on her career options.

Likely, she’ll follow the example of Lauren Southern, another of Ezra’s ex-braunskirts, who only two years ago was flunking out of the University of the Fraser Valley in order to run dead last as the Libertarian candidate in the 2015 federal election.

Today, she boasts 310,000 Twitter followers, a ‘best-selling,’ 61-page race-baiting screed entitled, Barbarians: How The Baby Boomers, Immigration and Islam Screwed My Generation, has White house press credentials and makes regular high profile TV appearances on the likes of Sky News, where she recently remarked: “I don’t know why legal immigration even exists anymore when I can just put on some bronzer, get on a dingy boat and just show up at the beaches of Sicily with the Koran in my hand.”

As for Faith, Frank is reliably informed that she’s exploring a reality TV gig!

Turns out that Faith’s best friend-in-the-whole-wide-world is wedding dress designer Justina McCaffrey, and they’ve been working on a pilot for a Bridezilla reality show entitled A Wedding Dress For Everyone But Me. (Justina, readers may recall, was one of Laureen Harper’s besties, when the first matron occupied 24 Sussex.)

The pilot, which has been pitched to at least one LA production house, features a cast of Christian conservative women griping about all the losebag men they’ve dated over the years, a list that includes Nigel Wright, Steve Harper’s onetime Chief of Staff and Mike Duffy cheque-mate, who Justina claims to have been leg-overing back in the day.

Faith and Zippy Paikin, circa 2012

Faith also travels in the upper echelon of Tory SoCon circles. She had a fling with one of Patrick Brown’s bumboys, whose name escapes me, and she still brags about her past dalliances with Andrew Coyne, the National Post typist and also a Trinity alum.

The TV pilot/slagfest also features an appearance by Sara MacIntyre, the charm-challenged ex-President Steve flak, most recently seen on the payroll of Kevin O’Leary, in his failed bid to become Tory leader.

Now, on with the show, wherein Faith and the gals grapple with their unaccountable failures to land a man:

Mccaffrey: “A Wedding Dress For Everyone But Me is about me trying to find love life through the process of being a wedding dress designer.”

“But the real reason I decided to do this video is to vent about how hard it is to go out on the dating scene.” [Drones on about all her rotten luck and all the would-be lotharios who message her via Facebook]:

“I don’t dare message them back…that’s disgusting. First off, they say these things like, ‘I love you.’ How can they love me? They only see a few little photos of me.

“Are they going to be there if I’m in the hospital throwing up? Probably not! This is what really bothers me.

“And then we get into the photos. Some of them are really gross. Like when people, like politicians get into scandals, sending pictures, like pornos over online and stuff like that.

“I should have saved all these photos and put them in a book. You know porn sells! You, know, I mean, so…I’m a little bit disgusted about that.

“And the rest of the online dating, it’s just dreadful. For some reason they think I’m single, uh, which I am. Uh, don’t tell anyone, but, um, you know.

“So I have my girlfriend, Faith, who’s wonderful. We hang out, have glasses of wine, martinis, spend some time with each other. She gives me ideas, we go out and meet eligible men.

 Goldy: “I believe in a little thing called the ‘girl mafia’: If you’re hot, you’re smart, you’re pretty, you roll in the right crowds.

And when it comes to [Toronto], we’re about as close as you get to being called the ‘socialite.’ Anywhere you go. The ‘It’ event, you’ll see Justina Mccaffery and Faith Goldy there.”

Mauricio (Justina’s gay assistant) and I are cool. I’m a hard core Christian conservative and Mauricio is, let’s just say, playing for the other team. And you’d think that we shouldn’t get along but we hit it off. All we do is talk about fashion and about how we can get our girl a man, the right man.

“Justina and I were hanging out and I get a call from this well-to-do bachelor who’s older than me, so you have an idea of what I’m dealing with. Men who want to fly us all around the world, promising us all these, you know, roses and, uh, you know, red carpets. But for some reason, we haven’t found the right people.

MacIntyre: “Justina’s probably too much for the men in this dating market. These guys are always looking for the next best thing, there’s always an app out there for them to find someone with a lower standard. This is the pool we have to choose from. Guys who are just sort of dogs or guys who have mommy issues.

“It’s getting harder to find that grain of sand as you get older because men don’t really want a woman who has a strong personality, has a strong presence and has their own accomplishments.

“These womens [sic] are few of a flock, we stick together and”—(that’s enough Christian charity!—ed.)

For the entire disaster, click here:


  1. Trophy-boinking the Duff – oh the desperation of a media strumpet. A good thing the Dief is in his coffin. Watch out, Pierre Pollievre!

  2. “For the entire disaster, click here”

    But there is no “here” there. There is no hyperlink to another page. Sad. (or Not!)

  3. And that strange “Knights of the Templar” illustration across her earlier twitter feed was rather odd/frightening, as it was a French illustration of the Templar Knights costumes and more frequently used in strange East European Masonic Conspiracy Cultist Web-screeds.

  4. Me and Faith are kekking yugely at you soy-eating eunuchs. Why if I didn’t have to go cash another trust-fund cheque and then wait for Fedex to bring me the latest SS uniform I ordered (Faith loves role-playing) I’d have a good mind to get in my sports car and drive up to your town and smack you down. DEUS VULT, biyotches!

  5. And how was the Tuesday March 20, 2018 visit to Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo?
    Hot enough for you?

  6. Today, July 27, 2018, the next mayor of Toronto, Faith Goldy, entered the race.
    “Make Toronto Safe Again”

    Meander through JJ_McCullough/status/1022920239070289920 various twitter commentators.

  7. “Faith Goldy storms the stage at Toronto mayoral debate, gets escorted off by police.” Monday 24 Sept.


    On Saturday 22 Sept, she attended the premier’s annual Ford Fest barbecue and posed for a picture with him. At the event, she tweeted comments like, “Faith nation is Ford nation,” and posted a photo of them together, saying she “can’t wait” to work with the premier.

    Ah, that picture shows so much! Did Ford tweet “Ford nation is Faith Nation”? Voters want to know.

  8. These killer tomatoes are pathetic — can’t think and all the genuine erotic appeal of a paring knife.

  9. Sigh!
    October 10, 2018. “Far-right fringe candidate in Toronto mayoral race sues Bell for refusing to air her campaign ad”

  10. “The Faith Goldy effect. Uncovering the manipulative politics of the U of T alum who became the far-right, white nationalist Toronto mayoral candidate.
    The Varsity (University of Toronto Student Newspaper), Published: 6:52 pm, 21 October 2018

    More sighs….

  11. “White supremacist or fact-savvy threat to the establishment? Meet ‘Toronto’s next mayor’ Faith Goldy”
    by Igor Ogorodnev.
    RT News Published time: 21 Oct, 2018 18:48 [Russia Today online news]
    [1338 words]

    Sigh. and sighski. 😉

  12. Sigh!
    11/09/2018 17:44 EST | Updated 20 hours ago
    “Edmonton Conservative MP Kerry Diotte Threatens Legal Action Against Tweets That He’s ‘Racist’
    It’s related to photos of him posing with white nationalist Faith Goldy.”

    Faith Goldy was working for Rebel Media in 2016.

  13. And…. PROFILES NOV. 9, 2018
    We Thought We Knew Faith, Until We Didn’t The making of a white-nationalist poster girl. By Anna Silman
    Here is my profile of Faith Goldy — the final product of my three month journey to find out how my friendly, liberal schoolmate turned into a white-nationalist poster-girl. [ about 5100 words ]

  14. Yawn!!
    “Faith Goldy Reveals What She Thinks About The “Toronto Chair Girl” In A Controversial Tweet” saying nothing at Narcity. 13 Feb 2019

  15. Losing Facebook pages, ….
    “Facebook bans Faith Goldy and ‘dangerous’ alt-right groups Social Sharing”
    Social media giant says platform can’t be used to spread hate
    CBC News · Posted: Apr 08, 2019 11:57 AM ET
    brings traffic to FrankMag.Ca

  16. I don’t think that Frankmag was alone in seeing the video, but many Liberal MPs, Hedy Fry, Maryam Monsef (“Math is hard”) this weekend are “leaking” videos and postings about Conservative candidates.

    On Saturday, Sept. 14, Liberal candidate Maryam Monsef @MaryamMonsef (Peterborough-Kawartha) posted a video of Justina McCaffrey (Kanata-Carleton) with white nationalist Faith Goldy.

    In the video, McCaffrey speaks about her “girlfriend Faith who’s wonderful, we hangout, have glasses of wine, martinis.” Goldy then say she wants to help her friend MacCaffrey’s business, who she’s know for several years.

    “Banned by Facebook for spreading online hate, yet Faith Goldy is embraced by Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives. Scheer & Goldy spoke at the same rally this year, and today he campaigns with Justina McCaffrey, Faith Goldy’s “best friend.” They even pitched a TV show together. Watch:

    Bannie de Facebook pour des propos haineux, Faith Goldy est appuyée par les conservateurs de Scheer. Ils ont participé à la même manifestation en 2019, et auj. Scheer fait campagne avec Justina McCaffrey, l’amie de Mme Goldy. Voici leur proposition d’émission télé:”

    This may come back to haunt the Liberals as the full vaults of FrankMag are opened.

    And Maryam Monsef [ Minister for Women and Gender Equality (previously known as the Minister of Status of Women)], (born in Iran, or Afghanistan, depending on the week), should learn to think for herself (Possible? or difficult?).
    We remember LSq = (SqRoot[ 1/2 Sum for n, i=1 [(V(subi) – S(subi))Squared]

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