You’ll Never Eat Sushi in This Town Again!

Did ya hear about Harvey Weinstein, whoever the hell that is? It’s the same old story. Ya just can’t trust a dame to keep a secret.

Time was he’d have gotten away with it. Apparently that was until about 10 days ago.

What changed all of a sudden, I’m not sure. You’d have to ask Bill Cosby.

A girl wants to break into the business, so she turns to a rich fat fella in a bathrobe to make her dreams come true and then some. And that could be any business. Bookkeeping, knife sharpening, you name it.

Me, I don’t see what all the fuss is about, especially since the advent of antibacterial soap

It’s always been like this in Hollywood, from as far back as I can remember not knowin’ what I was talkin’ about.

The casting couch they call it. Don’t kid yourself: do ya think Clara Bow got she where she was on account of bein’ good in bed? She was good on the couch. It’s all about the couch.

(Though up here in Hollywood North that could be more of a metaphor for a chesterfield. Dave Cronenberg oughta know. I saw Shivers one time.)

Anyhow, now everybody’s runnin’ from Weinstein like he’s got cooties, and even though that’s not a real thing it’s still a fair assumption with respect to public health.

Just shows ya what hypocrites the Democrats are, goin’ after Don Trump for his snatchin’ an’ grabbin’ while tellin’ ol’ Harv it was open season on Rose McGowan’s thorn bird.

Of course Hillary was a big pal, but now she says she’s “shocked and appalled” he’s just like every other goddamned man in her life.

Hell, I don’t know whether to feel sorry for her or chant “Lock her up!”


  1. And how about the rumours of Dick’s own droit du seigneur antics while serving on the Legion hiring committee? (Favourite line: “You be Juno Beach and I’ll land on you.”)

  2. Frank really needs to find out what the Corky of Harvey and Corky is up to now? And whether Harv is related to Irv Weinstein – notwithstanding the mispronunciation.

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