All Thumbs Review: Ezra Derangement Edition!

The news that everyone is getting is not always the exact truth. They are more biased, they will say what they want–

Where do you get your news?

Oh, I get it from the Internet.

Uh, duh. Where? Where? Are you afraid to say where? Where are you getting your news? Where? What makes you so upset?

I don’t go with every bit of info. They talk about the borders and stuff, and they talk about that on Rebel Media.
–Accused Fredericton shooter Matthew Vincent Raymond trades media literacy pointers with blogger Charles Leblanc, June 3, 2017.

2 comments on “All Thumbs Review: Ezra Derangement Edition!
  1. Patrick60 says:

    Poor Ezra; a Moslem extremist would have made his day. too bad Raymond’s as white as leprosy.

    • mmedesevigne says:

      And, apparently, gets some of his ‘information’ from Rebel Media. Couldn’t you just DIE ??