Licia Corbella: Heavy into Jason

Kudos to Andrew Scheer’s gang of goniffs for awakening the nation to the fact that Canadian journos have become propaganda tools for Liberal politicians.

Chief among them is Bloomberg biz hack Josh Wingrove, who, according to Pierre “Skippy” Poilievre, is no more than a “Liberal reporter” because he wrote about the Business Council of Canada’s praise for the government’s carbon pricing system.

Later that same day, Leo Housakos, the Conservative’s pin-dicked Senate leader, accused Maclone’s columnist Paul Wells of being a “liberal” masquerading as an independent journalist. Before that, it was the party’s no-neck immigration critic, Michelle Rempel, claiming Canadian Press was taking cues from the PMO.

For “objective” coverage, Scheer’s Little ShitsTM are partial to loyal stenographers like Joe Warmington, Sue Anne Levy, Rex Murphy and Brian Lilley.

To this list of Giants of JournalismTM, Frank nominates Licia Corbella, Calgary Herald columnist, whose idea of fair and balanced coverage makes Wormington look like I. F. Stone.

Take for example, an Oct. 12 Herald column in which Licia promoted her favourite conservative pol., Jason Kenney.

According to Licia, Kenney’s a premier in waiting, compared to No-hoper Notley.

“During the chamber event, Kenney slammed NDP government economic policy with facts.

“During her news conference, Notley slammed photos of UCP candidates on social media with innuendo.

“Kenney was on a roll discussing positive change for Alberta under a UCP government.

“Notley was on a roll discussing negative photos of unfortunate UCP candidates.” (Caught, alas, with Soldiers of Odin. Whoopsie!)

“Kenney, while in Opposition, is focused on governing.

“Notley, while in government, is focused on opposing her main political rivals.

“The contrast couldn’t be more stark.”

Suggestions that Corbella is nothing more than a shameless shill for Kenney often evoke libel threats from the Herald typist.

But then this pic of Lisa (right) at Kenney’s crowning at the UCP leadership convention appears on Twitter, and everyone goes back to sleep.



5 comments on “Licia Corbella: Heavy into Jason
  1. rumleyfips says:

    Paul Wells; liberal; who knew ?

  2. daveS says:

    Who is (was?) I.F. Stone?
    And few know Joe Warmington after the death of the 24hours/Sun tabloid laying like a cancer on Canada’s street newsboxes.

    • Patrick60 says:

      I. F. Stone was the editor of I.F. Stone’s Weekly, which was a major political paper in the US. for
      many years. His most acerbic quote was “All politicians are liars. Nothing they say should ever be believed.” He was amazed how many of his stories were simply gleaned from the public record.

  3. Patrick60 says:

    It is sadly telling that Albertans would rather have a gay conservative running their province than a Kneedipper.

  4. daveS says:

    Prime rib dinners, ‘double-dipping’: UCP-appointed panel exceeds travel, meal budget by $10K
    Both the chair and vice-chair of the panel received particular attention from government staffers who appeared to struggle in their attempts to rein in the pair’s expenses
    Author of the article:Alanna Smith
    Publishing date:Aug 31, 2020 • Calgary Herald.

    All friends of Jason