Queen’s Park Flashback: Doug’s diddling deputy

Trebles all ‘round for Jamie Wallace on his triumphant return to Queen’s Park.

For his longtime devotion to the Ford family, the Toronto Sun editorial supremo has been rewarded with a gig as Premier Doug’s new emotional support poodle.

It’s been 20 years since Jamie’s last QP tour of duty and we presume there won’t be any horizontal jogging hi-jinks like the last time, when the much-married Wallace was enjoying a not-so-discreet liaison with Toronto Star typist Lisa Wright.

One night the pair got into it in the Sun bureau and the ensuing cacophony attracted QP gendarmes, who arrived to discover the office littered with broken beer bottles, computer gear trashed and Lisa trying to strangle Wallace.

As guards pried Lisa off her inamorato, she screamed: “If you don’t leave that cunt wife of yours, I’ll fucking kill you!”

Lisa has had a history of intemperate outbursts. Who can forget the time she was enjoying quiet cocktails with an acquaintance at her Annex digs, when the subject of her appearance in the satirical press came up. The tête-à-tête soon concluded with Lisa shrieking, “You fucking faggot, get a job!”

Later that year there were reports of Lisa waking up her neighbor in the middle of the night by pounding a hammer on her floor—his ceiling and local flatfeet had to be summoned, again.

These days, Lisa’s on the business beat at The Star, far from the hormonal churn of Queen’s Park.


  1. Ms Lisa is very much in hiding…no Facebook, recent twitter account with no tweets…

    Our Media Meritocracy.

    • What a nice thing, a media person with no (or hidden) “social media” accounts.
      Would that more people would do so.

      • Yas, everyone should hide in their own, ignorant echo chamber and never emerge.

        This lady sounds like the classic bully who can dish it out, but not take it.

  2. Premier Doug Ford names former Postmedia VP as new chief of staff.
    Jamie Wallace has served in the role on an interim basis since June, when Dean French resigned.
    The Canadian Press · Posted: Aug 29, 2019 11:45 AM ET |

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