Some Hon. Members: Michael Cooper, keeping the ‘What the Christ?’ in Christchurch

So it’s down the memory hole for pindicked theocon Michael Cooper. The Conservative junior justice critic’s bonkers May 28 committee performance, topped with a sour cherry picked from the Christchurch mosque shooter’s “manifesto,” has been expunged from the public record (Tory justice committee members abstained from voting on the redaction). In the interests of preserving the honourable member’s deep thoughts for posterity, that foam-flecker in full:

Anthony Housefather (Lib.–Mount Royal): Thank you very much, and we’ll now move to questions. Mr. Cooper.

Michael Cooper (Con. Edmonton-St. Albert): Thank you Mr. Chair. First of all, Mr. Suri, I take great umbrage with your defamatory comments to try to link conservatism with violent extremist attacks. They have no foundation, they’re defamatory, and they diminish your credibility as a witness. And let me, Mr. Chair, read into the record, ah, the statement of Brenton Terrant, who was responsible for the Christchurch massacre. He left a 74-page manifesto in which he stated “Conservatism is corporatism in disguise. I want no part of it. The nation with the closest political and social values to my own is the People’s Republic of China,” closed quote.

And I certainly wouldn’t attempt to link Bernie Sanders to the individual who shot up Republican members of Congress and nearly fatally killed [!] Congressman Scalise. You should be ashamed. Now, with respect, with respect–

Some Hon. Members: Oh, oh!

Cooper: I have his speech in front of me, and there is nothing linking conservatism to that movement. If alt-right is limited to conservatism–

Housefather: Guys, guys, guys. We’re just gonna ask everyone who is not part of the committee to leave the room for a very brief period time, and we will have you come back in as soon as possible.


Housefather: I really apologize for taking away your time. It was important that the committee discuss and deal with the issue. I’m going to give the floor back to Mr. Cooper.

Cooper: Well thank you Mr. Chair, and while I certainly find the comments made by Mr. Suri to be deeply offensive and objectionable and vehemently disagree with them, I will withdraw saying that he should be ashamed. That is not unparliamentary, but I understand it made some of the members of the committee uncomfortable, so in the spirit of moving forward, withdraw those specific comments but certainly not the rest of what I said (that’s enough self-radicalized incels!!–ed.)


  1. It was this kind of bozo eruption that kept Harper from winning a majority until his fourth election as the Conservative leader. Scheer’s light discipline may well lead other CPC creeps to utter their own vulgarities. Let’s hope so as it makes for entertaining Frank fodder.

  2. Plainly, Albertans love to send side-show freaks to Parliament. But why settle for Michael Cooper, Edmonton-St. Albert? Next time just elect a two-headed calf and be done with it.

    • No mention of Alberta in the Wiki article Polycephaly#Cattle.
      But maybe the secret sect in Alberta’s southern cattle-raising country is hiding the Savior until The Writ is Dropped in September.

      • Drumheller’s Homestead Antique Museum in Alberta has a two-headed calf, (stuffed) in their holdings, on the appropriate address 901N Dinosaur Trail.

        But when Cooper is followed by the Falun Gong nutters in “Canadian Lawmaker Condemns Pro-Communism Rally” by Omid Ghoreishi, Epoch Times May 4, 2019, you know something is wrong.

        That he defeated former Conservative MP Brant Rathgerber, (Brant was running as an independent), in the last election, and that Ratgerber now writes for iPolitics, the flames in the Cooper fire will roar for a long time.

        Re-Twittering Andrew Scheer’s anodynes at his @Cooper4SAE twitter feed will continue to dig his way to the last circle of hell.

  3. The translation has been completed . Pooper : Us racist , homophobic , misongenistic idiots hate it when people know we are women hating, LBGQT hating, immigrant hating idiots.

  4. I don’t claim to have a photographic memory but this Cooper fellow looks familiar. Where did I see him? Wasn’t he that fellow who bought a dozen kon-tiki torch lamps at the home and garden depot?

  5. By the story & photo, Cooper has an appalling mouth, both vocally and facially. It calls for a piece on public figures – Who has the creepiest-looking mouth?” type thing. My bet is on the cons.

    • Cooper suffers from the usual literalism. He mistakes labels for descriptions. The Christchurch shooter abjures the “conservative” label, so those kinds of sentiments can’t be conservative. Even when they are uttered by people who wear the label.

      In short, political labels have become worse than useless.

    • Myron (may blessings be upon him) would have eaten this little dweeb’s animal crackers…dude definitely a few more semesters in Parson Manning’s College of Reactionary Knowledge.

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