“it bears repeating” (Rosie DiManno, Emma Teitel Murray Mandryk, Mike Holmes)

And according to Laura Tuck, vice-president of sustainable development for the World Bank, recent water studies by the bank have shown that women’s and girls’ health declines more than that of men and boys during times of scarcity. So realizing this is old news to those highly attuned to the developing world, I still think it bears repeating, especially because the mainstream media needs to do a better job of reporting on climate change overall, and its gender implications, in particular. I’m Angela Murphy, The Globe and Mail’s Foreign News Editor.
— er, Angela Murphy, Globe and Mail, July 25.

[Jessica] Yaniv saw the incentive and responded by launching over a dozen complaints on vulnerable women. It bears repeating: Yaniv provoked people into violating Yaniv’s own alleged rights. Clearly, Yaniv recognized that the potential payout was far greater than any injury to feelings that could occur.
— Jordan Schroeder, The Post Millennial, July 24.

It bears repeating that mentally ill people are no more violently inclined than anyone and severe conditions such as schizophrenia can be ameliorated with medication. When patients take them, which is hard to supervise if they’re outside the hospital.
— Rosie DiManno, Toronto Star, July 23, 2019.

It bears repeating that the greatest risk surrounding the issue of edible cannabis lies in the trivialization of its use and effects on the lives of thousands of people.
— Peter A. Howlett, Halifax Chronicle-Herald, July 23.

It bears repeating that Doug Ford, the Premier of Ontario, talks a lot about booze and his mission to make it cheaper and more accessible.
— Emma Teitel, Toronto Star, July 11.

While my colleagues have previously covered Shopify’s first-quarter numbers, it bears repeating that this was an incredible start to the year.
— Victoria Matsepudra, The Motley Fool Canada, July 5.

It bears repeating: There is no single issue as important to electoral success in Saskatchewan right now as ongoing population growth.
— Murray Mandryk, Regina Leader-Post, June 21.

It has been said many times this year, and it bears repeating: Nobody expected this season out of Pascal Siakam.
— Eric Koreen, The Athletic, May 16.

As I mentioned, your wall cavity needs to dry out properly to ensure there’s no mould or mildew growth. Don’t start putting drywall back up until you’ve had an air test performed. I’ll say it again because it bears repeating: in case of a flood, don’t hurry into anything.
— Mike Holmes, National Post, May 3.

We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating … if we exchange the word “contraception” with “sex-trafficking 8-year-old children,” it should hopefully go without saying that CRS would never participate in such an effort. So, either CRS doesn’t view the spread of contraception as a mortal sin whose spiritual effect is just as deadly as sex-trafficking children, or it does but enjoys the funding too much to care.
— Michael Hitchborn, Lifesite, May 2.

It bears repeating that while Jason Kenney and Andrew Scheer were lowly Conservative backbench MPs under leader Stephen Harper, they were all united with then-Opposition leader Brad Wall and then-Saskatchewan NDP premier Lorne Calvert by taking on Ottawa and then-federal Liberal prime minister Paul Martin to remove natural resources from the equalization formula.
— Murray Mandryk, Regina Leader-Post, Apr. 20.

And while it seems obvious, it bears repeating: corporations aren’t people, and they can’t be locked up. Heavy sanctions that undermine a corporation’s viability can easily punish employees, contractors and investors, which can include pension funds.
— Doug Beazley, National Magazine (Canadian Bar Association), Apr. 12.

It’s been said in this corner before and it bears repeating. The way major junior hockey operates by making money on the backs of teenagers’ dreams and how it plays the small-town identity card and gets away with it is unseemly and unnecessary.
Ken Campbell, The Hockey News, Mar. 21.

WINNER (TIE) Toronto Star (2), Regina Leader-Post (2)
MVP: Murray Mandryk, Regina Leader-Post (2)


  1. What about “it’s worth repeating” which works just as well.
    You could even go more casual with “like I said,” or borderline rude with “I already told you.”

    • Or simply say what supposedly “bears repeating” without adding a pseudo-erudite phrase that in practice usually means “everybody knows this is true (even though I’ve just pulled it of my ass)”.

  2. I can’t bear repeating “it bears repeating”. Can’t tolerate soemone else repeating it, either.

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