Tales from the Kinsella Krypt

When the media start acting as an extension of any political party’s war room—when we proactively self-censor—we do our readers and listeners a grave disservice. We work for them, after all.
–Warren Kinsella, Toronto Sun, Oct. 9, 2019.

Just when it looked like Warren Kinsella’s dirty tricks campaign would pay off with a Conservative Party election victory, the ol’ shitfucker went and shot himself in the foot, again!

As revealed in the Globe and Minion last weekend, Kinsellout was on the take from Team Andy, hired to smear the Pipple’s Party and Justin Trudeau.

It was enough to make Roger Stone blush, although the skeezy Trump operative at least had the balls to tell his accusers to go screw themselves.

Not the Prince of Darkness. He immediately closed down his social media accounts and fled for the cottage, to whimper to his wood burner.

Then came claims that he’d been the victim of a former Daisy employee.

“The source was terminated for making anti-Semitic remarks about a colleague, and for theft.  That’s who the Globe and the CBC relied upon: an anti-Semitic thief, now working for the Trudeau government.  What an election.”

(In Kinsella-speak, “anti-Semitic remarks” means offering a co-worker a bite from his ham sandwich, and some weeks later asked Kinsella for a pay raise.)

“I’m a lawyer,” Kinsella prattled on. “I’m not interested in getting disbarred. As Jody Wilson-Raybould knows too well, lawyers are not permitted to simply break vows of confidentiality. Only the client can let you do that. The client, here, hasn’t.”
(Translation: The CPC’s a legal client and they hired a lawyer to ratfuck Max Bernier.)

The previous week Kinsella had confessed on Twitter that he suffers from depression, which prompted skeptics to suggest he was merely sympathy seeking, in anticipation of the coming shitstorm.

Or maybe he’s depressed by the possibility of being investigated by the Law Society of Ontario, where he could be in breach of professional conduct rules. Digging up dirt on behalf of a political party doesn’t quite add up to conduct “honourable and (discharged) with integrity?”

(The last time Kinsella was hauled up before the Law Society was on a complaint by former Ontario Ombudsmidget André Marin in 2015. For months, Kinsella attacked Marin on social media. Sample: “Does [Marin] have a mental illness?”)

As for his latest mishap, rumours abound that Kinsella gets paid by the Conservatives via Nick Kouvalis, another unsavoury political operative, who once threatened to kill a Tory candidate he disagreed with.

Kouvalis and Kinsella are partners in Daisy Data, a public opinion firm. Kouvalis tweeted last week that whoever it was who hired Kinsella for the Tories should get his salary doubled. (Congrats, Nick!)

None of this comes as a shock, since Kinsella has been on the Conservative payroll for years.

He worked as an adviser to President Steve and First Lady Laureen in 2006, an association that later paid off with a steady supply of contracts from Tory governments.

For example, in June 2015, Bernard Valcourt, then Conservative Minister of Indians, named Kinsella a “special ministerial representative,” an appointment that came with a $200K-plus payout.

Meanwhile, Kinsella was taking shots at Liberals. He mocked Carolyn Bennett in a 2014 Toronto Sun column: “[Bennett has] inexplicably been a Toronto Liberal since dinosaurs roamed the Earth.”

But the following year, a few days after the Libs swept into office, he had a different take: “Carolyn Bennett has worked tirelessly as a critic, and is highly regarded by Canada’s First Nations.  A caring person and a great politician.”



  1. Our democracy should revive the ancient Athenian practice of ostracism…all we need is the will and shitload of pottery shards large enough to write “Kinsella”.

  2. Kinsella is depressed at how his life has turned out. Can’t say I blame him.

  3. Well, they got Max out of the way but I don’t think Scheer has any reason to yuck it up with Warren now.According to an Ipsos just out 63% of the country want him to resign.

  4. 31 October 2019
    Kinsella firm provided free training to autism group, threatened suit after they questioned possible ties to Ford government – The Globe and Mail

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