What’s it all about, Andy?

“Mr. Scheer was born and raised in Ottawa. He studied history and politics at the University of Ottawa and the University of Regina, where he received a Bachelor of Arts.”
— University of Regina School of Public Policy, presenter bio, ‘The Crown In Canada: A Diamond Jubilee Assessment,’ Oct. 2012.

“A Few Other U of R Grads You May Recognize
[…] Dianne Warren Canadian novelist
Robert Boyer Canadian First Nations visual artist
Andrew Scheer, Leader of the Opposition in the House of Commons”
— University of Regina, 2017-2018 Viewbook.

“The University of Regina has no record of Andrew Scheer receiving a degree or diploma from our institution. Mr. Scheer himself has been confirming this in recent statements to the media.”
— University of Regina, University Advancement and Communications, Oct. 3, 2019.

More raves!

“IBAS can confirm, however, that Mr. Scheer did complete an accredited course with IBAS that would form part of the current eligibility requirements for licensing.”
— Insurance Brokers Association of Saskatchewan, Sept. 30.

“Like millions of Canadians, one of Mr. Scheer’s parents was born in another country and immigrated to Canada to start a family. He and his sisters received United States passports as children and Mr. Scheer has not renewed his as an adult. He has not voted in any United States election.”
— Daniel Schow, Conservative spokesthingy, Oct. 3.

“If I could give myself one mission, it would be to humanize him,”
— Sylvie Frechette, fancy swimmer and Conservative candidate in Rivière-du-Nord  , Globe and Mail, Sept. 11.


  1. Degree?
    Some courses at U. of Regina, but the (Wikipedia) official story is :
    “In 1998, Scheer began his Bachelor of Arts studies in criminology, political science, and history at the University of Ottawa, from which he would ultimately graduate in 2008, receiving his BA degree four years after he was first elected to Parliament.”
    U of Zero’s Alumni directory [ alumni.uottawa.ca ] shows Andrew J. Scheer 2008 B.A./BA

  2. A charmless, retro-Catholic Charlie McCarthy. (“They went and made us Prime Minister, Mr. Stephen, just like you said they would.”)

  3. It took from 1998 to 2008 to get a general Arts degree. Surely a foreboding of Andy’s equally slow development as a leader.

    • I normally scoff at glib talk of “white privilege”…but in Scheer’s case it seems the only tenable explanation…the man is a six-foot-four-inch block of Velveeta processed cheese food in a powder-blue Izod polo shirt.

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