“Don Cherry is Canada’s polar star of common sense,” sez Rex!

Hick perhaps, but Baby Jesus did personally see to it that he passed for 1,729 yards and 12 TDs
Despite the horror the thought may fertilize in the eggshell minds of the social justice warrior class and their campus snowflake offspring, on certain public issues maestro Don Cherry is Canada’s polar star of common sense…. Canada is…blessed that…Cherry occasionally delves into broader concerns of high public moment. He has most recently illuminated the absurd “take a knee” tempest…. Cherry pointed out…that prior to this epidemic of bended knees…there was one player who actually knelt for the reason that people have knelt for centuries: as a position of reverence during prayer. This was Tim Tebow…. Tebow kneeled in faith. The players kneel in protest. There’s not an inch of difference between the two—save as Don Cherry lucidly pointed out—one bunch are heroes, and Tebow, well, he’s just an out-of-date Christian hick.
—Rex Murphy, National Post, Sept. 29, 2017.


  1. “Cherry occasionally delves into broader concerns of high public moment.”

    Yeah, he’s shinny’s answer to Edmund fucking Burke. “Delves”? Don Cherry? Kumquats wouldn’t even understand this sentence.

    • Don’t bust a head gasket there OJ; there’s nary a beating pulse that takes Crypt Keeper Murphy seriously.

      Boris “Maude” Barlow-Karloff is 104.

      • Yeah, but here are now hundreds of Murphys, all encouraging the nation’s yahoos to believe whatever fills their churlish hearts with joy.

  2. Neither a fan nor practitioner of “lucidity” is ole Dreck-X Murphy. Buddy plays the dog-whistle like a glockenspiel.

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