The Peterson Diet. New Russian Translation!

8 comments on “The Peterson Diet. New Russian Translation!
  1. wolfkir says:

    The anti-GOOP diet! Gwyneth Paltrow, beware!

  2. Sarwood says:

    Sounds like red meat for the anti-lefties.

  3. ChosenBarley says:

    If the only thing you can consume is beef, salt & water to feel at least halfways healthy may indicate that you are probably not long for this world. I hope it’s not true about the girl, though. She has a terrible medical history.

  4. Submitted Comment says:

    I just bought my first issue of ‘Frank Magazine’ and I have a complaint to make about a word that was used in issue 120 Oct 10, 2018. The word “tranny” was used which I found to be highly offensive and inappropriate as a transgender woman even though the statement was supposed to be “ironic” I thought it was in poor taste and completely off the mark. I thought the magazine was Liberal and LGBTQ friendly but I guess I was wrong. I just want to spell it out for you that the word “tranny” is highly offensive and disgusting. I was abused as a child because of transphobia. I hope the magazine is proud of it’s idiocy and total lack of class.
    –Ashley Y

  5. Frank Magazine says:

    This is in response to Ashley Y posting in Correspondence (issue 121, The Peterson Diet)

    As a transsexual woman I wonder who decided for me that the word “tranny” is highly offensive. Its offensiveness is similar to that of the term “Newfie”: whether to take offence depends on context and not the word itself.

    It is unfortunate that you bought your first Frank on one of the rare occurrences that the trans community gets a mention.

    Toronto Tranny

  6. mmedesevigne says:

    North Chorea, shurely!

  7. wolfkir says:

    … steak drowned in ketchup?

  8. Patrick60 says:

    Take a pill Jordan!

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