Frank of Ages – Racial Profiling Shocker!



    • Uh, French explorer coughing, spreading germs for which natives had no immunity, hence the masks…

    • One of the iconic C.W. Jeffreys engravings of Canadian history, from 1942, in The Picture Gallery of Canadian History Vol. 1 , p.75.
      It is in the national archives (without the medical masks) as “Artist: Jefferys, Charles William, 1869-1951. Library and Archives Canada, Acc. No. 1972-26-772 1 drawing : pencil on wove paper Support: 37.500 x 47.300”

      Various titles: “Jacques Cartier at Hochelaga” and “The Indians took hold of the silver chain of Cartier’s whistle and pointed up the Ottawa river.”

  1. Hot and sour sap: “Mais oui, c’est la Chine!” insists “Crazy Jake” Cartier

  2. 5 squirrels!! That was an outrageous price in those days. Must have been testing the market in olde dayes.
    Thankfully deflation of the Canadian $Birchbark has made a Frank Mag subscription affordable in our enlightened age when no one discriminates.

  3. Viral No More: Natives agree to parlez after receiving hazmat gear, hogshead of Purrell

  4. “He’s saying ‘Ka-na-ta’, Captain…I think it’s their word for ‘God-awful suburban wasteland’.”

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