Globe and Mail v. Globe and Mail

Masks should be worn by sick patients, and by health-care workers caring for sick patients. Healthy people wearing masks will do nothing to minimize the spread of coronavirus and will deprive others of much-needed protective equipment (which is actually in short supply).
— “Straight answers to key coronavirus questions,” Globe and Mail, Mar. 7, A12.

Alleviate concerns over shortages abroad by bringing your own supplies of latex or nitrile latex disposable gloves (in the right sizes); disposable surgical masks (to prevent touching of the nose and mouth); and alcohol-based hand sanitizers and wipes.
— “How to prepare for vacation amid the COVID-19 outbreak,” Globe and Mail, Mar. 7,  A16.


  1. The first is by Andre Picard, their Health columnist who knows what is what.
    The second is by the freelancer Adam Bisby “SPECIAL TO THE GLOBE AND MAIL” in the “Travel” puff section.

    Picard is the better of the two, always.

    You didn’t notice the Grope and Flail’s health reporter Wency Leung on “What to buy if you’re worried about the coronavirus outbreak” about general stocking up. Everyone (Leslie Beck, etc.) is writing that advice.

  2. The second note by Adam Bisby was further corrected by Globe and Mail editors, cutting out any mention of face masks at all.
    “Editor’s note: A previous version of this story suggested stocking up on surgical masks; however, public health officials around the world have said masks are not a good idea for the general public – they are in short supply and should be reserved for the sick and for health-care professionals.”

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