Ezra Derangement Edition!

BREAKING: Rebel News reporters arrested in Montreal, AirBnB raided by police
– Rebel News, your number one source for fearless reporting on, er, Rebel News, Apr. 10.

Police said about a dozen people onboard the boat, which was rented as an Airbnb, were not respecting COVID-19 pandemic rules regarding masks and social distancing.
Police said no arrests were made but a report will be given to the Crown Prosecutor’s office.
– CTV Montreal, April 10.


  1. To see Ezra put Keean in this position makes me uneasy…shurely, this is akin to talking a Downs Syndrome kid into robbing a bank.

  2. Ezra sounds like he’s reading the spelling of his name from inside the band of his skidmarked briefs. In the meantime, he’s calculating the available grift when his shut-ins and incels hear him taking on Frenchie like this. “Call me Plaintiff. And call us toll-free at 1-800-UPIGEON. Operators are standing by.”

  3. “Tu travaille pour qui? Rubella News? Vous voulez nous infecter avec la rubéole? À terre, espèce d’idiot!”

  4. You didn’t post the best part. The short-attention-spanned Keean (see his job profile) is leaving (or was pushed?) Rebel News.

    Keean Bexte
    Apr 13
    It feels great to leave on a high note. Countless libs triggered, millions of views, hundreds of great videos. There was a great team behind be – be sure to follow them
    27 Retweets, 5 Quote Tweets, 154 Likes

    Keean Bexte is leaving Rebel News – here is why
    Keean Bexte was an award winning journalist at Rebel News for over three years, covering the other side of the story wherever it took him – from Hong Kong to…

    • Note that there’s no mention of his leader among the “great team” we should “be sure to follow”. Whatever could that mean?

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