Tripadvisor: “10 people are escaping this hotel!”

7 comments on “Tripadvisor: “10 people are escaping this hotel!”
  1. daveS says:

    Would it be called “Royal” in this day and age?
    Name a “Royal” labelled institution in Toronto since year 2000, 20 long years ago.

  2. Alan Smithee says:

    This cuts it brilliantly close to the truth bone. Have you seen the news out if Australia? Maybe the QAnon shaman wasn’t so crazy. Maybe his head was just cold. Maybe he was abused by a milliner in a past life.

    • Alan Smithee says:


    • daveS says:

      Just like CanadAchoo, its all about the cack-handed states=provinces.
      And Melbourne (Victoria State) was doing so well with hard lockdowns (Can’t leave the house except one hour to buy food, booze, no more than 3 km travel, etc.)

  3. Patrick60 says:

    It’s gotten so bad that it is difficult to distinguish the photos posed by the satirical press from
    the real ones.