A Wormington Christmas Classic

It’s been four long years since the murders of Barry and Honey Sherman and we now know three things for certain.

  1. The Shermans are still dead;
  2. Toronto flatfeet are stumped;
  3. The crime scores bigly on the Toronto Star’s clickbait-o-meter.

And then there’s Joe Wormington.

For years the Toronto Sun’s ace gumshoe has had his finger up the pulse of Hogtown murder mysteries and the Shermans’ demise stands as a Worm classic.

Joe had this one figured out from the get-go, thanks to Frank D’Angelo, the celebrated spaghetti impresario.

Frank was also a Sherman business partner, who spoke to the Apotex grillionaire  just 36 hours before he and his wife were strangled in their York Mills mansion.

We’ll let Joe take it from here. From his December 21, 2017 interview with D’Angelo:

“I think it’s a murder. A double murder.”

Barry Sherman and his wife were discovered lifeless in the pool room of their $6.9-million Old Colony Rd. mansion, sources say, side by side, each hanging by a men’s leather belt from the pool railing with their jackets pulled “behind their backs” and rolled over their arms.

“He was a lion. He had the heart of a lion and he had the courage of a lion,” said D’Angelo.

“I can’t even imagine the fear he went through and how horrified he must have been,” said D’Angelo. “I wish I could have done something for him because he always had my back and I wish I could have been able to have his back on this.”

Who would want the Sherman’s dead? (sic)

“It has got to be somebody with a motive so strong that they felt that eliminating both of them would give their hope of success, or whatever, a better chance,” said D’Angelo.

Whoever it was, he believes, will be detected.

“I believe the police will go, first and foremost, to see who had motive,” he said.

The couple’s 12,000-square-foot mansion was still under police guard Thursday evening.

“They are going to go through every square inch of that house for a clue and (also look at) the security cameras,” he said.

D’Angelo also believes “they are going to look between the middle of night and into the morning, how many cell calls there were in that area, near the front of that house.”

“It’s f—— crazy that this man, you know, worked a lifetime to spend his ending in the drawer of the coroner’s office.”

“Barry’s biggest thing was to see people succeed. He loved success,” he said.

“He was like a brother to me. We talked from the soul to each other … we trusted each other. I trusted him with my life and he trusted me big time. It’s unfortunate that I wasn’t able to be there for him with this bad, evil, dark door that opened up and ended his life.”

Like their children, D’Angelo believes the Shermans were murdered and Toronto Police “are going to get to the bottom of it.”


  1. I fail to understand why this case goes unsolved with Joe and D’Angelo supplying so much detailed insight into the case 4 years ago. It was a murder, they used leather belts, Barry was a hell of a good guy….how many more clues do you need?

    • What are they waiting for? Call in Lieutenant Frank Columbo of Toronto PD’s legendary Dead Rich Dude Task Force.

  2. Why didn’t the family cockapoo bark? Who ordered the extra-large Hawaiian with anchovies? Who scrawled “LEAFS SUCK!” on the pool deck? What does “xetopA” mean? Enough here to keep Inspector Murdoch busy for a full season.

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